Saturday, June 16, 2012

Reined In Rain

It rained today. What a joy.
A sign of relief.

She looked out of her window and clicked the picture of the heavens pouring in full flow, blessing the world with a weather that the people had prayed for since the last couple of weeks.

The gods had finally relented, providing solace to the burning planet and relief to the thirsty souls.

And along with the rain came lightening. And thunder.

                                (Image Source: Internet)

And memories.

Memories that originated in her grey cells, streaming down from her eyes in the form of tears. The unwanted thoughts of togetherness, of resolution and promises pricked her heart, with her arteries bleeding internally, giving a reddish tinge to her swollen eyes.

Yes, it was the rain, that had brought them together.

And yes, it was the rain, that sang when they drifted apart.

Rain had been a boon then, it no longer was.

"Do you know how much it hurts, when you speak like this?" she had asked, shouting on top of her voice, as the thundering of the rain made them less audible to each other.

"I know, and it equally hurts when you keep on doubting and misunderstanding me, all the time, always," he had replied, his voice breaking, yet clear.

They couldn't face each other. The rain had obscured their visions. The tears poured down, from eyes, and from heaven.

"We promised to be together, Raj," she tried one last time. It was too difficult to let him go. How could she, after all the dreams she had woven, of their marriage, honeymoon, kids and so much more? How can she let her dreams mortify into deathly nightmares?

Raj stood silent. His head hanging low. With a strength that would even have ashamed the great lords, he said, "We were not supposed to be together Aliah. Though I love you, I can't be with you. I am sorry. This is not going anywhere. This can't go anywhere."

Aliah knew the truth. This couldn't go anywhere.

They were not two normal human beings in love, especially when religion plays such a vital role in defining the modern existence.

They were a Hindu and a Muslim in love, a crime way beyond comprehension, a sin that deserved no forgiveness.

Raj found his voice again, he came closer to Aliah, and said, "I tried. You tried. We tried. But perhaps this is not what the world had tried. There isn't any place for our love Aliah. We are bound to depart, and we have to depart. The only choice that's left is to elope."

Aliah knew this was true. Their relationship would never be accepted by the society. Should they elope? Or in other words, should she elope and ruin her parents' happiness?

None of the two would do this. They didn't need to reply. They both knew the answer.

They had met 5 years ago. It was raining then too, and Raj had provided lift to a hapless Aliah in his car, dropping her home safely after their classes got over. They studied in the same college, but never exchanged words till that eventful day.

And then came "I love you."

And now it was "We have to depart."

They looked at each other for one last time, resisted the urge to hug and cry, turned their backs and moved towards their opposite destinations.

Life went on, time passed by, but memories keep pouring back again and again.

Specially on days like this, when the rain brings with it the reflection of their unity, the image of their love, and the portrait of their falling apart.

Is this why humans are considered to be the most intelligent planet on earth, just because they can discriminate on grounds of religion?


  1. You make us cry all the time. What do you get by torturing us emotionally like this? Too bad :(

    But yeah, this was too good! Truly touching. Great job :)

    1. Memories are never a torture...they can bring smiles as take it in a positive way and b happy :-)