Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shadows - Chapter 1

The school bell rang. It was time to go home.

"Bye Sapna. See you tomorrow," her friends waved and bid her farewell.

The first day of school didn't go as bad as she had feared. The teachers were supportive, she got acquainted with a few girls with whom, she thought, she could be good friends. They shared similar likes and were warm and cordial towards her instantly.

What more, she noticed a few boys looking at her from the corner of their eyes, stealing sideway glances when possible. One of the guys even came up to her during the Geometry class, but couldn't say anything more than "Can I borrow the compass, please?" She had giggled silently thinking about it in the girls' restroom, but the boy was sort of cute.

Anyways, all in all she had a good first day in Sacred Learning Private School, Javena. Javena is a small hill station located towards the Eastern side of the country. Many who live in the other parts of the country had never even heard of this place, and thus it was saved from any harmful interference by outsiders. There were hardly any tourists, lending the place its quiet and serene nature.

Sapna had started loving this place since she came here with her younger brother, Swapnil, a couple of days ago. The reason, their parents had to fly off to the States for a few months due to some business conference. Though the kids, aged 12 and 5, would have preferred staying back at their Delhi residence, their mom was skeptical about leaving them alone. That was when she dialled up Aunt Padmini's number.

Aunt Padmini was mom's best friend. She was divorced, and had no kids of her own. As such, she had a liking for both Sapna and Swapnil. The kids, though, couldn't tolerate some of Aunt's seemingly unnatural behavior; but then, they couldn't refuse their parents commands.

They had to oblige.

Sapna hopped back home. Her brother must have had also returned home from the school where he was admitted. She hummed one of her favorite tunes and walked along the mountain road, lined with coniferous and pine trees.

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  1. Where is the 2nd part? its going to be scary I can sense, something related with the aunt padmini, right? she sounds a bit scary to me at least! Nice story, liked this part, waiting for the next :)

  2. I'm so glad you found my blog and I in turn checked yours out. I love this beginning and look forward to following the story...

    1. Thanks Jennifer...I am looking forward to your valuable suggestions in shaping up this story :-)