Saturday, June 23, 2012

Shadows - Chapter 3

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And then there was light. The room flooded with a pale yellowish glow, with the light bulb shining with its full fury. The darkness paved way to a brighter enclosure, a scene that was in place just a few minutes ago.

And, just as abrupt the appearance of the eyes was, they disappeared briskly.

Sapna was still gasping for breath, sweating profusely, her vision still fixed towards the direction of those eyes, which just a few minutes ago looked so prominent, but now had vanished without leaving a trace of its presence.

"What happened girl, Are you okay?" Aunt Padmini asked, holding her hands.

Sapna was still shocked to speak. She looked around for Swapnil, but he was no where to be seen.

"Where is Swapnil?" she asked, finding her breath.

Aunt Padmini moved her fingers through Sapna's hair, lovingly caressing her, and said, "I sent him to fetch water for you. He was the one who knocked at my door when the lights went out, asking me to come. When I came, I saw you lying unconsciously on this bed, shivering. Did you see a bad dream?"

Sapna was shocked to hear this. Was she dreaming? Were the eyes a mere prop in a nightmare?

But no, she wasn't dreaming, she was quite awake and in control of her senses when she was talking to Swapnil and the lights went off, before the horrendous view came into place. How could it be that she was lying unconscious and yet seeing things that were more than real?

She looked at Aunt Padmini. She was around thirty five years of age, with long black hair that sometimes swept the ground. She had a face that personified beauty and elegance, and a charm that idolized calm and poise.

"I don't know Aunty. It looked so real," Sapna tried to comprehend the situation, "there was someone, something over here, right behind me. I wasn't dreaming. I am sure."

Aunt's eyes grew narrower. The softness in her face changed to a feeling of hatred and resentment. She looked sharply at Sapna, and asked, "What did you see, girl?"

Sapna was frightened with this sudden change in Aunt's behavior. She, however, replied in a slow, measured tone, "I... I saw a pair of big red eyes."

Swapnil returned with the water. Aunt handed the glass to Sapna, and with a sharp defiant voice, said, "Now look girl. Do not make up stories that will frighten your brother. I do not want these nonsense in my house. So stay quiet about these stupid stuffs, and do not fill your brother's brain with stories that are so unreal." Saying thus she left the room.

Sapna was disheartened with Aunt's reaction. She drank the water slowly, sip by sip, until the glass was half empty. Keeping aside the glass on the table, she asked Swapnil to come and sit besides her.

"Tell me bro," she asked softly, so that Aunt couldn't hear her from the other room, "didn't you see any red eyes?"

Swapnil shook his head in agreement, and said, "Yes. I saw. You looked at the wall."

Sapna was encouraged to know that Swapnil noticed the events too, and asked again, "That's what I am saying. I saw two red eyes towards that direction. Did you notice whose eyes they were?"

Swapnil lowered his head and said, "No eyes on the wall. I saw your eyes. They were big and red. You had big, red eyes."

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  1. Omg!! This is getting better with each part..why don't you write the next after few days? :( I have exams yet I want to read them!! Its getting scarier and interesting! wow! Thanks :D

    1. Don't worry about your exams. They will go good :-) Thanks for your beautiful comments which adds more enthusiasm in my zeal to write :-)

  2. Nicely written...gripping story!

    1. Thanks Tarang ... hope you are enjoying it :-)