Monday, June 18, 2012

A Post A Day Keeps The Writers Block Away

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away.

Is blogging the new apple, keeping at bay the "Writer's Block" that haunts so many writers?

Trust me, I was never a voracious writer. I aspired to write big stuffs, poems that would leave a lasting impression on the minds, prose and stories emulating real life events and their solutions. I dreamt of writing for the society, for my people, helping them with my words, soothing the exhaustion with my melodies.

And I couldn't.

My excuse - "I'm suffering from writer's block!"

There isn't anything called writer's block. It's just a decorative term invented to hide our laziness. The truth is, we can write whenever we want. Well, the quality may not be the same, but then, you don't need to produce master stuffs each time.

Again, a question arises. If we do not write quality, who will read us? This is a tricky query, which can't be answered easily. Rather, you should look at your preferences. Why do you write? To gain praises or to express thoughts? Most of us would say both. True indeed. We want our work to get appreciated and loved.

But then, if we are not criticized, then how can we know where to improve?

Writing is all about expressing your thoughts, with yourself and the outside world. I am addicted to writing now, and I hope this addiction continues. I want to be criticized, improve my work, and then get appreciated for it.

After all, none of us are perfect. None of us can ever be perfect. But all of us can strive together and try to attain perfection in our words, action and thoughts, in every sphere of our lives.

Only then, we can have a perfect world to live in, a world that would be our home. A world that we can embrace, with joy and hope, and without any fear.


  1. Hmmm..this is something to ponder upon...

  2. This is a nice thought that you had, you are right, you shouldn't think all the time that you got to write masterpieces, and if you can't you will face the wrath of people, wow! that's not the real picture, life is random, not everything would be something great, so just put those little things in inscriptions, without thinking about the consequences, maybe they won't be accepted my people at times, but that's not all, remember, nothing is perfect, and we are nothing ;) then only you can write for us..the fellow earthlings :)

    1. You have summed up my thoughts beautifully. We should go on writing and sharing without thinking of the consequences. If we start thinking much, there would be nothing left to "blog" about :-)

  3. I have been applying the same for June, and this strategy actually works!!

    1. To be honest, I have copied this strategy from u :-P