Thursday, March 20, 2014

Oh Spring

how much have I waited
for your return
oh Spring
the colors myriad
floating in my canvas
as I brush against the clouds
blue and white
and the sun shining bright
red, orange and yellowish hues
oh, what joy
the birds know too
that everything is perfectly alright

alas, only if this wasn't a dream
drenched in fear, the lost promises scream
strangled in darkness, I hunt for the light
and then I promise, I'll never give up without a fight

This Poem is shared with dVerse:Poetics-Color Me Spring.

PS: This inspiring image is created by Sunita Khedekar. You can get in touch with her and her art via Facebook ( or her website (


  1. especially liked the last stanza....beautiful!

  2. "Drenched in fear, the lost promises scream"
    This is beautiful!

  3. I love the last stanza because it seems like an unexpected plot twist :)

  4. Optimistic...

  5. beautiful painting and beautiful piece! :)
    like always.

  6. From spring and sunshine to darkness and fight! I was quite lost in the words for a minute! Beautifully described spring and the will to fight.

  7. Lost but not broken promises, well that sure brightens things...The last few lines did take me by surprise Amrit

  8. ah it always feels better when spring finally gets here you know...a renewal....dont let it just be a dream...def never give up...find that light.....

    glad you dropped the link in comments...

  9. I too am hunting for the light of spring ~ Thanks so much for writing for this prompt ~