Sunday, March 30, 2014


It was easier falling in love; the difficult part was comprehending it.

Finally, after a struggle spanning few months, when companionship turned into a word that our hearts refused to register, we broke up, deciding to go our separate ways; the tears refused to flow, but our souls betrayed.

Years later, I saw her at the Sunshine Mall, and owing to the friendship that bonded us once, minus the flame, I walked towards her with a smile on my face and greetings emanating from my brisk steps.

As our lips quivered and eyes spoke in silence, we traveled back into the past, memories biting through the wreckage like a hungry demon, the residues falling on the ground crackling noiselessly.

"Can ... we ... try ... again?" I asked; a silent droplet escaped her cheek, her receding silhouette finding a way out from this maze of unforgettable clusters.

This Micro-Fiction is shared with Five Sentence Fiction - Companion.