Saturday, February 08, 2014


She sat hunched, in rags and tatters, on the abandoned by lane, under the shadow that cursed the fragmented light overflowing from the curtained windows of closets people call home. Her gaze loathsome, her stomach ached with fear; the failure overpowered her senses,and she sat there for a long while, crying.

A tiny squeak alerted her, and for the first time in days, she smelt joy; her smile appearing slowly, and then a wide grin spread on her tired face, as she lunged forward, swiftly, cautiously.

She caught the beast by its neck, her teeth finding way through its hairy body; a crunch - and dark black blood seeped out in careless meanders.

Her finger nails dug deeper, tearing each part of the mouse, her prey, the morsels satiating her hunger, and relieving the pain of her hunger-struck poverty, if only for a short while; and, she chewed, relishing.

This Micro-Fiction is shared with Five Sentence Fiction - Ache.