Saturday, February 09, 2013

Riveting Incredible Plot

Riveting and incredible! Yes, that’s how I would like to describe the plot of Mukul Deva’s new novel – RIP. Set against the backdrop of corruption and scams, the novel provides you with a hard hitting edge-of-the seat thriller that leaves you asking for more, yet satisfying your nerves with the final conclusion as you pace through the last few pages of the book.

Mukul Deva is an alumnus of La Martiniere College, Lucknow, the National Defense Academy, Pune and the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. He was commissioned into the Sikh Light Infantry of the Indian Army. He served in the Indian Army for fifteen years, having vastly experienced combat operations in India and abroad. He is now settled in Singapore where he works as an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and an executive, business and creativity coach. He is also a Mentor on the United Nations Institute of Training and Research Afghanistan Fellowship.

Mukul Deva is currently India’s leading writer of military thrillers, and reading his books you realize why the term "leading" has been associated with him. Just like his previous bestsellers, most notably the Lashkar series, Deva manages to grab your attention from the very first page of this novel. The book starts with a bunch of ex-army commandos, better known as the K-team, spurred by a common goal to clean the country of its corrupt leaders, take charge and terminate three of them as part of a well executed plan. The group calls themselves as the RIP – Resurgent Indian Patriots, threatening to kill the wrong doers who have plundered the nation for long, one by one, if the Government doesn't pay heed to their demands. Their demand is simple and straightforward, punish the corrupted leaders and govern the nation with honesty and integrity. However, quite expectantly, their demands fall flat on deaf ears, and the people behind the power are more eager to get the RIP out of their way than punishing those who have illegally stashed up cash and properties through innumerable scams and frauds. What happens thereafter traces the story to its ultimate climax of heart racing and pulsating finale.

In the midst of all these talks of freeing the nation from corruption and providing justice to the citizens of the country, also lies a heart warming love tale that tugs right at your heart – strings. The love between two of the protagonists is simple and subtle, ably managing to bring out that smile from the curve of your lips as you scurry through the tension-filled pages. The tension of war, and love, keeps your attention glued right through the end, as this page turner doesn't let you keep the book for even a few seconds.

Needless to say, my cup of tea went cold as its warm fragrance failed to divert my attentions from the pages of this splendid thriller.

Even when I finished the book, I picked it up again and again to gaze at the magnificent cover that adorns this novel. True to his style, Mukul Deva doesn't disappoint, but instead takes us out on an exciting roller coaster ride through his speedy words.

The characterization is perfect. The portraits of Krishna, Raghav and Reena are perfectly painted, providing numerous shades to these protagonists. We live with them, smile with them, breath with them, and love with them. All in all, this book is as perfect as it could get.

I would suggest RIP to everyone. It should be a must-read for all of you.

Final Verdict – RIP (Read It Please).

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  1. I like that RIP... will steal it. ;-)

  2. Seems quite interesting and hard hitting, I am going to pick this one:)