Saturday, February 23, 2013

Confessions - I Lie To You

Confessions -
I lie to you
At times when
Truth becomes heavier
Pulling me towards
The isle
Of fear where
The sun refuses to rise
And the moon
Sleeps behind dusty
Clouds all day in
Muted mockery
Testing the tides
That ebb of a once fertile hope
Now hurls
Tiny stones towards
My sand castles
That succumb, and numb
From pain, past and present
Threatening the smiles
That shine on
My horizon

I lie to you

This Poem is shared with Theme Thursday and the Prompt is Confessions.


  1. ... I lie to you..At times when..Truth becomes heavier... --- ah, sometimes people tend to be more in denial when caught up... ans obviously they only look more guilty... i don't know what's in the truth that people can't handle well nor speak out loud... smiles...

  2. The sun refuses to rise
    And the moon
    Sleeps behind dusty
    Clouds all day in

    Great lines - life sometimes is a series of moments when the sun refuses to rise. Love the picture it paints

  3. It hurts when truth be told! But it's painfully a necessity! Nicely GS!


  4. Beautifully composed ... muted mockery, better to think it, never to speak it.

  5. denial is the worst thing to fight..

  6. Confessing never comes easy, unless it is so beautiful.

  7. "i lie to you when truths become heavier"
    i too do this ..:)
    keep writing

  8. Wow...i can't pick a single line...each of them is just so unique and well thought of...arranged in a beautiful sequence...loved this cascade of words and thoughts

  9. One of your best, GS! Sometimes it does seem that truth is heavy and it is easier to lie than to go with where truth takes a person...even though, in the end, it most often turns out not to be the wisest course.

  10. Truth is a bitter pill that not all can swallow...Confession sets you free like no other but not all opt for this freedom. Beautiful verse!! loved every word of it GS:)

  11. I think there are times when the exact version of the truth should not be told and that is to protect them from hearing the truth. You never tell a woman she is old or ugly. You find other things to say about her such as her hair is beautiful, her eyes are mesmerizing, things like that. In these cases she is not wanting the truth anyway. When she cooks, you can also lie but not too much. If it is bad you gently let her down, you let her know you appreciate that she tried and point out what was good if any of it was and then help clean up.

    I call these yellow lies or half truths, something that is necessary for both sides to do,

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful poem for this weeks Theme Thursday. I hope you are having a confession free weekend.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks for such valuable insights Mrsupole ... it's always a pleasure participating in Theme Thursday :-)

      Luckily, I do not need to make any confession this weekend ;-)

      Have a great weekend as well :-)