Sunday, April 10, 2016

Go Green With DOT

Pollution is a major concern in today's world. The high number of wastes deposited in air, land and water has lead to several forms of illness. People speak of drastic measures to curb the pollution, but we all know, it's not easy to implement them in a short period of time. We need proper planning that can save the environment gradually, and create greater impact, rather than a rushed solution that may not be feasible in the long run. In short, what we require is a dot by dot measure.

Speaking of dots, a green mobility startup based in Gurgaon, India, came up with its app MY DOT ( This can be downloaded via Google Play on Android smartphones. The question arises as to what does this app address.If you list the major polluted cities in the world, you will find Delhi NCR right at the top, along with many other Indian cities and towns. DOT aims to clean the environment by launching services such as ebikes, electric rickshaws and buses in various locations in India. In fact, DOT is the first ebike taxi service in India launched in August 2015. Currently, the service is operational in Gurgaon, and the company is focusing next on Goa and Delhi. The ebike service company recently completed 100,000 kilometers in its pilot phase in Gurgaon.

Vineet J. Mehra, the former India Executive Director of Stemcor, and the founder of DOT, said, "Sustainable pro-environment business solutions offered by DOT will change the landscape of India and hopefully, into a much greener one."

How is DOT different from the rest? The biggest plus is its use of electric vehicles that reduces carbon footprints of the whole automotive industry. The e-bikes are free of both air and noise pollution, which is a growing menace in big cities. The numbers may look small at the moment but the impact they will have on off-setting the pollution caused by conventional fuel driven vehicles would be incremental, once DOT services reaches all locations of Delhi NCR and Pan India. For example, by completing 100,000 kms, DOT saved the Gurgaon air from emission of carbon dioxide by 8 Tons and PM by 31 Kgs. 

DOT is launched in support of Make in India, Digital India and Swachh Bharat initiatives. For any further information, one can contact Heavena at or call 8510876554.

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