Saturday, April 09, 2016

Experience Movies With Flickstree

If you are a movie buff, and I am sure you are (after all, who doesn't love to watch good movies?), you need to bookmark in your web browser. You may be raising your eyebrows, and twisting your knuckles in wonder, because there is a high chance you haven't heard of this site before. Well, that is because Flickstree is a relatively new platform that is poised to be the next big thing in the entertainment and personalization space, redefining moving watching and satiating the thirst of the cinema lover in you.

In simple terms, Flickstree is a smart website and mobile app, so smart that it can recommend you movies based on your liking and taste. Yes, you heard me right. The algorithm uses an advanced machine learning, where every movie passes through a set of well designed critical lens of varied filters, before the suggestions are passed on to you. Also, the site informs you of the numerous platforms where the movie is currently available to watch and enjoy.

I am fond of watching quality movies, and discovering new ones. However, till recently, the only search mechanisms that I had to find movies worth watching were my friends, colleagues and peers, and a few websites. However, most of the them only provided names of popular movies, and the relatively unknown ones, though high in quality, were left unexplored. This utter indecisiveness also lead to wastage of time without any genuine result, and there were occasions when I had to simply abandon the plan to rent or download the film. Not any more, though. Flickstree promises to change that, and in a big way. The website is ready and roaring. In order to create a mobile site and an app, Flickstree is crowd funding on Indiegogo at

The funds that will be collected via this campaign will also help Flickstree expand its horizon. For example, it can then cater to more languages of cinema, run insight gathering and feedback program to improve the platform further. Flickstree as a concept has a huge potential, and the future for it looks really bright.

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