Wednesday, August 08, 2012

So... What Next - Chapter 2

Chapter 1

Convincing my manager was easy. The tough task was informing my parents about my decision.

"Hello," I heard my mother's voice as I dialed my residence's number. I had to let her know I was coming home for some days.

"Hi Mom," I replied.

"How are you dear?"

"I am fine mom. I will be coming home tomorrow morning." I blurted out.

There was a moment of silence, and then my mother's voice resonated in my cell phone, "Is everything fine? Why, all of a sudden?" She seemed worried.

"Well, I am coming for the marriage ... " I started, trying to be honest with her, telling her about my intentions, but my voice slipped off midway, giving way to hesitation and fear.

"Whose marriage? Any of your friends'?" She asked.

I was perspiring profusely. I had to stop the conversation now. I guessed it would be much easier if I told her about my plans when I was in front of her.

"Yes mom. A friend's marriage. Ok mom I have to go now and start with my packing. The flight is tonight."

I disconnected the call. The next step was to book a flight. I wished I would get a seat. I had to get a seat.

I was lucky enough to get a booking in Jet Airways. The flight was scheduled for 12:15 AM departure, reaching Kolkata in the wee hours of dawn.

I reached the New Delhi Airport at 10:30 PM. The lights shone brightly, and I sat at a corner with my luggage. Several thoughts criss-crossed my mind at that hour. Was I doing something mad and foolish? Her marriage was scheduled to happen in a few days from now, and I was intending to be a hurdle in all these. Probably she even loved that guy, and had forgotten about me totally. Even if she had not forgotten, I was sure she hated me to the core of her heart. I might be badly insulted if I went there, by her, her family members and friends. I may not get anything out of it, except more heartbreaks and sorrow. It would be more unfortunate to witness her exchanging marriage vows with some other guy.

I knew it was sheer madness.

But what was love without madness? After all, I didn't have much to lose, I had already lost her love and trust. However, if God was with me, I had the whole worldly happiness to gain. The desire to get her back was too strong. I had to try, try one last time. I had to win her back.

With a smile, I stood up, picked up my luggage, and walked on, ready to board the flight to my destination, the destination called love.

Chapter 3


  1. We always make so many mistakes when it comes to love, until we really do learn what it is. I hope she still loves this man or, that she is truly in love with the man she is marrying and will be happy. Either way, I would like to know what happens next. :)

  2. Oh please do continue!!! I can just see this man desperately trying to put a stop to that wedding!! I want to know everything that happens!!!

    1. Even I wanna know everything that will happen ;-)

  3. now this takes love and guts - hope he is rewarded.
    good flow and momentum to your flash fiction, greenie.

    1. Thanks and hope you will enjoy the subsequent parts as well :-)

  4. This is soooo good! Such heart.

    1. Thank You Sandy !!! Looking forward to your feedback as always :-)

  5. We all love a really great love story. I hope he gets his :)!

  6. I'm so captivated by this story! I'm glad he has the guts to try.

  7. Yes, what was love without madness! :)) Oh, please.. I hope she still loves him! :))