Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Here and There

Here I come, back to this world,
Plunging in the depth of this uncharted sphere,
Amid the waves that rise up to the clouds,
And disappearing in the final lapse of glory,
Here I come, welcoming the shore,
The sea of sand passing beneath my toes,
I look around, and touch the ground,
I try to listen, but there isn't that sound,
The sound of passion, the music and this motion,
No, no, no, they elude me, isolating my thoughts in this uncharted nation,
I dive ahead, I fall flat,
I rise again, my back I pat,
And I jog forever in this desolate track.

This is me, a new beginning. A new sunshine that I traced beyond the horizon, the lights finally brightening the sky with its tinge of red. I stare ahead, and the  sun appears, the moon disappears. But hey, what do I see. This is not the sun that I have imagined all my life. There isn't a sniff of the golden aura that I have prayed since I learnt to join my palms. Instead, I see a tiny dot, slowly but steadily dancing up the star-studded blog-sphere. This is no sun, this ain't no moon, nor is this a celestial body. This ceases to be a stone from heaven, and yet it tries to find its way towards the land of fulfillment. Yes, it has promises, if not power. Its encapsulated in dreams, if not the means. It has a name, if not glory. It's a tiny speck of green. It's the Green Speck.

And here I come again...


  1. Mindbogglingly fabulous poetry! Awesome imagination. Pure and serene. Nice intro, as if you had a rebirth sort of thing :P
    Good to see the tiny speck of green is making a come back. Awaiting eagerly for more mind blowing stuffs from you, Green Speck that is ;) :D

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words Dark Angel. Trying to relish this new birth :-)

  3. Good Luck with the new beginnings..nice blog....:)

    1. You must be so proud while reading this first post again!
      See how beautifully and lushly your little speck of green has grown :)
      Loved it!!