Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Drive Down The Memory Lane

I drive down the memory lane
Swerving across dawn and dusk
Beyond dreams, some insane
Destiny mild, and at times brusque.

It rained last night, the roads are wet
"Drive Slow," is that what they said
And yet I let to be guided by my fate
Life is free, it doesn't get paid.

The tree calls out names
Loudly, sharply, piercing the soul
Of travelers who rushed towards fame
Losing their identities in the black hole.

The road is marred with hopes that failed
Pieces lie strewn in brownish mud
Through vivid promises we have often sailed
Sometimes shedding water, and at times blood.

I pick up the shards to build our castle
Of love, life and everything
We will be safe in this vessel
And listen to the song that you promised to sing.

Yes yes yes, the time is right
There are lessons to be learnt from this pain,
Let's not ever give up without a fight,
And I promise to drive you through the memory lane.

This Poem is shared with The Mag.


  1. U nevr cease to surprise !!!

  2. Lessons to be learnt from pain, I cross down the memory lane. Beautiful Greeny :)You explored those hidden emotions & lost feelings so vividly. :)

  3. Wonderful...but I am not surprised, because its you! You have the spark.

  4. its so beautifully written :)

  5. Superb...wonderfully written and the image too is nice :)

  6. I love this... well done!!!

  7. So lovely and sad ... that's what memory lane is all about ... hope there will be lot's of healing as well ... Love, cat.

  8. There are always so many lessons to be learned from trials and tribulations. Amazing poem my friend.

  9. wonderfully written! You are great at poetry :-) I enjoyed reading it.

  10. Sometimes pays to drive carefully, especially when it comes to love and yet, the pain is usually always worth it.
    Lovely imagery. :)

  11. Memory Lane must be traveled at one's own risk....but often the risk is worth it!

  12. I agree that Memory Lane must be traveled with care for it may inadvertently prescribe the wrong road taken today.

    My road has had its accidents, diversions etc. but I travel confidently ahead and seek only wisdom from my rear-view mirror...

    Anna :o]

  13. Beautiful poetry!
    there are many lessons we learn from pain!

  14. It has a nice n dreamy feel! something like yellow!

    1. I meant its nice n has a dreamy feel! so sorry. headphones on. and yellow is a song by Coldplay just in case :)

    2. Ha ha ... thanks buddy :-)

  15. What a wonderful creation from a simple photo.

  16. Don't swerve too fast through dawn and dusk...they are my favorites...

  17. Life holds so many twists, turns, and dark paths. But hopefully, we will all see the light shining and our way back home.

  18. Wow! What a beautiful piece of prose :-)

  19. To be wary is to be prepared. Pain can be a deterrence to many foolhardiness in making decisions. Nicely said GS


  20. Hey, that was too good. :)