Sunday, December 23, 2012

Born To Live

Not turning back
We march ahead, ahead, ahead
Our voices speak softly
For those downtrodden steps
Clinging to our souls
Let's swim through the hardship
That hatred possesses
In your evil minds, disobedient
Having tasted the nectar
You add poison to it
To burn poor lives
With folded hands they pray
But why would you care?

You sink in the echo
Of your darkened rhythm
Swinging across the grave.

We will haunt you,
Tear you apart
Don't go by our silence
We are born to LIVE.

We unite against your evil
To decide the fate
Of mankind, of this world
Apocalypse delayed
Resurrection of humans
And humanity.

We got to slay the demons.

This Poem is shared with Three Word Wednesday.


  1. Excellent! The demons do indeed need to be slain......

  2. sooooo very powerful....amazing ..

  3. ohh niice , this is an interesting poem. I just kind of imagined the scene as well, makes it more easier for me :-) Wonderfully written. The demons do need to be slain! Powerful meaning too.

  4. Profound poem, Green Speck. It's wonderful when good stands up to evil.

  5. The best thing was "why would you care??"

  6. you're absolutely amazing at this.
    I run out of words, everytime you reflect your magnificence.
    Take Care :)

  7. Happy demon fighting, Mr.G ... We are all in this together ... Love your poetry and comments ... probably for ever and ever ... Season's Greetings ... Love, cat.

  8. Indeed, may we all fight the demons and only let the light shine. Then, maybe this world would be such a better place to live in for all of us.

  9. Loved the poem! :)

    Very apt for the current situation in my city where peaceful protesters are greeted by gas bombs and water canons.

    But yes, we did march ahead, shouting out loud in unison. For we had to slay the demons!

    1. That's the spirit we all got to portray :-)

  10. this is an important poem you've written greeny.

    peace for you, always.