Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Reigning Wars

The houses burn in peace
Resigned to their fate
Gallant witnesses of futile war
Soaring over the clouds of ash
Days ruled by nights
Shrouding the moments of joy
Fatigued screams emerge
Sinking in deaf ears.

The souls dead
And replaced
With the adamant lure of power
Guided by seductions galore.

This house was once home
Of dream and faith
Is now broken shards
That pierces your souls
With an uncanny precision
Reminding you of the days gone by
When you played with your toys under this roof

And now you join hands with evil
To blow off this very same roof.

The toys hidden in dust
Lost and broken.

This poem is shared with The Magpie Tales.


  1. "Fatigued screams emerge
    Sinking in deaf ears."

    Softly I sigh and say wow..

  2. very poignant, GsPECK,I ENJOYED very much, was moved

  3. So powerful!! Once again, another great piece, Green Speck!

  4. Awesome...
    The last part about roof and toys - great. :)

  5. You manage it so beautifully every time! Great!

  6. I love the paint :)
    Kisses, Den.

  7. Humans can be so easily seduced by evil...

    Well done your words.

    Anna :o]

  8. Beautifully written, yet another masterpiece. I am so moved by each word, seeking redemption with every line. I wish I could write like you Mr. Greeny :D Thanks s lot for this, really loved the message here. Take care!

  9. I can feel the emotion in this piece. Nice.

  10. The notion of them once being children and playing with poignant...

  11. Love that beginning line of homes burning in peace contrasted with the war excellent!!--a searing piece of writing, well done.

  12. ... the futility of war! Beautifully written.

  13. Oh it's dark, I like it! :) And I agree with everyone here!! It was in fact, poignant and very well written!! It was beautiful Amrit! The last few lines were amazing especially! I love it!!

  14. an awesome poem, greeny. very powerful - echoes, for me storm sandy's wake
    which we in the new york are slowly recovering - well some of us blessed ones.

    in a way your poem sounds like an introduction to a triology of a new world,
    borne from destruction.

  15. This is challenging. I don't know how it is people make their choices....

  16. As I reached and read the last lines I must say I felt a pain in my heart. Your words could bring out the sorrow in the destruction in the loss of what once was meaningful

  17. Awesome one -meaningful :) :)

  18. Smart composition and nice take on the prompt!:)

  19. Astounding, and even a bit angry, which it should be.

  20. You have captured the meanings behind the painting amazingly Green Speck!

  21. Days ruled by nights
    Shrouding the moments of joy hidden in dust

    you write well of the senselessness of hate and war, the killing of innocents...