Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Wound That Heals

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The wound that heals
Loses it's essence
Over the course of time
As fading memories
Give way to dreams anew
'Cause pain inflicted in the past
Are now lost
Somewhere in my History book
I turn the pages
And recollect the sight
Of endless passion
Leading to cruel cries
That wake up the dead
From their lazy graves.

The wound that heals
Is a tribute to the times
Of abundant smiles and scarce tears.

The wound that heals
Is the journey of our lives
Through fate and hope
Expunging hate and fear.

The wound that heals
We all know how it feels...

This Poem is shared with Sunday Scribblings and the Prompt is Heal.


  1. How do you manage to come up with such beautiful verses EVERY SINGLE TIME??! :)
    Exquisitely Written.

    1. Thank You Anisha ... I just key down whatever plays in my mind ... I'm glad you liked it :-)

  2. Hi.. I am here for the first time, I Blog-hopped from the comments section. :P
    But I adored what you have written here about "healing" .. and the last line is my favorite-
    "The wound that heals
    We all know how it feels..."
    :) Carefully penned the pain etched in one's heart.. :)

  3. "The wound that heals, we all know how it feels."- this I love here the most...brilliant composition as always! :)

  4. Reading this poem does bring back memories of love loss or loved ones who have passed away. This is really moving and I enjoyed reading it.
    I am following you now and would love for you to follow back.

  5. I think we all can identify. Our wounds do heal, even deep ones, and we move on.

  6. Speck...very beautiful lines..!! Especially, I loved this part..
    'The wound that heals
    Is a tribute to the times
    Of abundant smiles and scare tears.How true!Enjoyed your flow of language, as usual.:)

  7. wounds do heal in time, with effort, but the scars often remain....the key is letting go...

  8. a wound that heals
    sets reminder of the pain,
    so intense that it left
    marks on the grain
    of time, precious, lovable
    these very marks make time immortal...

  9. Some very strong imagery and ideas in this piece..fundamentally we wouldn't be who we are I guess without some wounds in our 'history' books..Jae

  10. We sure do....
    I could feel the sting of arrows
    reading this one!
    Well Done

  11. Yes, I would like cicatrizasen well all wounds of history. Greetings.

  12. Yes, we all do know how it feels. Beautifully written and a reminder that "this too shall pass".

  13. Positively Excellent!! You captured all the pain and the passage--enjoyed that analogy to the history book, turning pages--have to let it go. Nicely done :-)

  14. you are full of understanding greeny and i think love for your fellow man
    and our various emotions.

  15. Beautiful comforting words in a piece of work so full of brilliant metaphors.