Thursday, November 08, 2012

And Yet We Complain

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We compromise to live
The journey called life
Through its various twists
And turns
When all of a sudden
We are faced with the decision
That promises to change
And make amends
To the pain inflicted
On our weary muscles
As we tread forward
Guided by the illumination
A realization, an awakening
Dawns upon our soul
What if we never swam across this troubling sea
Would life then had been half as exciting
As it is today?

And yet we complain
And yet we complain ....

This Poem is shared with Three Word Wednesday - Compromise, Decision, Forward.


  1. Simply beautiful. You did complete justice to Life & its unwanted affairs :) :)

  2. So true.. how I wish people will stop complaining..

  3. True! beauty of life lies in its unpredictability. beautifully written!

  4. I think that's what we as humans do best - to complain! Nice piece! ヅ

  5. WOW! Very thought provoking! Typical human nature! This was beautiful and insightful!

  6. Wonderful. I find myself saying to my loved ones alot "Instead of complaining about the things you dont have, try and enjoy what you do have"

  7. If we never 'swam' we would just have stood still! Not a productive or exciting life.

  8. Complaining seems to be an integral (maybe even an important?) part of the human condition.

    My 3-Word Wed.

  9. Subtly and powerfully illustrated Green is one of human kinds less attractive traits- to see what we don't have..not what we do.. Jae

  10. No matter how much we are blessed with...we always complain! Human nature!!
    Very true lines...Lovely poem!

  11. Nice poetry, G.S. Yes, we must go on and I have been enjoying the 'march'. I might try more poetry when I have to slow down on my other aspects of the 'swim' as I am sure that should be a piece of the large picture somewhere..

  12. its very easy to complain but its very difficult to accept and appreciate life as it comes...
    nicely written

  13. Life really is all about our choices and compromise and if we make the right ones, we enjoy the benefits of it. I like the truth in this. If we choose to stand still, we stagnate and die. Lovely poem.
    RYN: I read somewhere that at the moment of it's birth and at the final breath we know all the secrets of the universe. Maybe that is, when we do know all of life's truths ? Who knows... :)

  14. Lovely poem..This is life..
    Kisses, Denis.

  15. Oh so true ... how unfortunate we are at times ... we forget we are meant to "live" in this dimension to its fullest -- and in order to get the benefits, we must go through the highs and the lows with perspective and reap the positive benefits with the experiences and the lessons each hold. Nicely done!

  16. yes we complain. we should realize how far we come and how fortuante we are instead. well put.

  17. Very true....I find myself complaining each time I feel something has changed - I used to be a person who despised changes because there were way too many things in my life that changed...The moment I embraced the changes, I felt that my life was completely stable :) :)

    We actually forget to "live" life - we are too busy being complacent and hampering our own growth..nice one!

  18. I think there was quote somewhere that 'we should not look for the future in the stars but in ourselves'. Your piece reminded me of that.

  19. I love this poem, especially the ending.

  20. Extremely insightful read, Speck. And this reminds me of a quote...
    "“Man spends his life in reasoning on the past, in complaining of the present, in fearing future.”- Antoine Rivarol
    Wish, we learn to quit complaining...

    1. This is such a beautiful quote ... thanks for sharing :-)

  21. Great poem, I enjoyed this very much.

  22. You are so right! It wouldn't be as exciting!

  23. And loudly. And indignatly. Ungrateful lot we are.