Thursday, March 25, 2021


whirling on toes
arms placed on waists
her eyes are calm
swaying sans haste

adorned in white
as pretty as snow flake
she reminds me of swans
and peace in a lake

her nimble feet create
a world that feels divine
the one with music
the one with rhymes

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  1. What a lovely poem this is Amrit.

  2. I really love the imagery and the enjoyment that spills out of this poem like soothing music. The subject is in such a tranquil place, and watching her there does the same for the speaker (and reader). I'm with Old Egg, this is a lovely piece.

  3. Having read the comments prior to mine, I wholeheartedly agree! There is a gentle, purity of thought feel in your lovely poem.

  4. Your poem reads like a slow waltz! Delightful.

  5. Very nice! :) I agree with all the other comments.

  6. Yes – very visual, with a lovely dance rhythm and a tranquil feel.

  7. Watching a dancer makes one appreciate the gracefulness of the dance.
    Figure skating is also a similar display of soft beauty, on ice.
    Nice to see you here again, like old times.

  8. Swans and peace in a lake evoke such a great picture.
    Lovely poem, warm greetings!

  9. You could slow dance to this poem. Lovely!

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  12. Bhai, how have you been? Miss reading the best of you. (Rajesh Kumar,