Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tagged !!!

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Tagging is a relatively new concept for me, and I came across it only while visiting the blog posts of others. I noticed that two of my blogger friends Crystal and Kirti have tagged me in their posts. The purpose is to let others know you better by answering the questions posted by the "tagger".

The rules of the game are simple, and I copy them below from Kirti's post:

  • Link back the blogger who tagged you.
  • You must post the rules.
  • Answer the questions given by the person tagged you.
  • Tag eleven new bloggers.
  • Set eleven new questions for the bloggers tagged by you.
  • Inform them about the tag.

Starting with Crystal's questions, here goes my response:

1) What's something your Mom always said to you that you thought you'd never hear yourself say?
A) My mom always told me to focus and be attentive towards studies, and I hope my children are born studious so that I don't have to tell them the same thing ;-)

2) What's your favorite childhood story and why?
A) Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. I loved the character Pip and could emotionally associate with it.

3) How would other's describe your personality?
A) Helpful and supportive, I guess !!!

4) What kind of music do you like to listen to?
A) Soulful, melodious, romantic songs. Actually my taste differs based on my mood, so there isn't any specific genre that I follow.

5) What is your favorite song of all time?
A) There are many "It's My Life", "Lonely", "Summer of '69", "Hotel California". As I have said, I keep listening and loving different songs based on my mood.

6) Do you have a big intellectual capacity and do you think that it alone equates wisdom? Yes or no and why?
A) Well, now this question is a heavy one. I do believe that I possess a certain level of intellectualism. However, wisdom is a larger term that denotes the knowledge gained which can drive us towards perfection, and can thus never be attained fully.

7) If you could create a charitable organization, what would you hope to accomplish and to whom would the proceeds benefit the most?
A) I would love to start an organization that would primarily be responsible for the welfare of poor and needy old people who do not have the means to live their life in a decent manner.

8) How do you deal with stress?
A) By playing PC games, or reading novels, or writing stuffs. Sometimes, I watch movies too.

9) What's your favorite movie?
A) There are many movies I liked - "Independence Day", "Titanic", "The Terminal", "Jurassic Park", "The Pursuit of Happyness", etc. Finding a favorite would be tough !!!

10) Have you read any good books lately? Which ones?
A) I love reading. I am currently reading "GONE WITH THE WIND". However, my all time favorite is "KITE RUNNER".

11) If you could tell the world just one thing, what would it be and why?
A) Live your life, and love your life :-) 'cause I believe people should learn to be happy and live their lives contentedly.

Responding to Kirti now:

1) What does music mean to you?
A) Music is a way to express your desires and free your soul ... it's the drug that can motivate you when chips are down.

2) Poem or a story?
A) As a writer, I prefer poem. As a reader, I love stories :-)

3) The deepest desire of your heart.
A) Being a top-shot author of millions of bestsellers :-P

4) Your idea of a romantic story.
A) Boy A falls for Girl B. Girl B falls for Boy C. Boy C falls for Girl D. Girl D falls for Boy A. Ha ha :-D

5) Walking or cycling? and why?
A) Walking if you are with someone you love, and cycling if you are alone. However, I would rather prefer driving, as it gives a rush to my adrenaline :-)

6) What does blogging mean to you?
A) Blogging to me is a way to learn and grow my writing skills. I love the way others write and try to unearth good features of their writings. Also, the constant motivation of other bloggers after reading my posts helps me a lot.

7) The favorite character you have created so far. Someone you feel like using in all your stories.
A) None yet. But I do have a superhero in mind, that I would love to create very soon :-)

8) The favorite character you have read and loved. and why.
A) Pip from Great Expectation, as I really felt emotionally associated with the various shades of this character. Among the more modern characters, I could sympathize with Amir's pain and guilt in The Kite Runner.

9) If you get to impersonate one super hero/heroine who would it be and why?
A) Definitely Spiderman. He is one superhero who I find real and believable. Jumping from building to building would be an added bonus.

10) Your idea of fun when you are out with your friends.
A) Great food in a nice ambiance ;-)

11) The song thats playing in your head at the moment :)
A) It's a song of a recent Hindi Movie - Maula from Jism 2.

Tagging 11 friends:

It might not be possible for all of you to find the time and respond to the post, and as a working professional myself, I do understand that. However, it would be great if you could find a few minutes to share more about your lives.

I would love to know about all my blogger friends, but as the rule goes, I can only tag 11, so here are the ones:

1) Sui Generis Writer
2) ArtMuseDog and Carol
3) Grace
4) Hannah Denski
5) Jennifer
6) La Dolce Vita
7) Fida Bosu
8) Dark Angel
9) Valli
10) Sreeja
11) Sumukh Bansal

My Questions:

Below are my questions for you:

1) What made you start writing/blogging? (Any specific incident or experience)
2) Who is that one person in the world you can never distrust, even though he/she has hurt you in the past?
3) If you were given a chance, which famous personality would you like to be in you next birth?
4) What is that one dream that still motivates you to go on and on?
5) What is that one best moment of your life, which you want to live again and again?
6) If you couldn't write, what would have been your alternative skill?
7) How would you rate yourself as a writer on a scale of 10 (1 being the worst and 10 being the best)? Why?
8) Which is your dream destination?
9) What is that one task that you have always wanted to perform, but could never do? Why?
10) Which book do you feel would have turned out better had it been written by you?
11) What are your suggestions for the new bloggers?

Hope you all have a happy time tagging :-)

And as always, Love Your Life and Live Your Life :-)


  1. To relieve stress, I watch movies too ~

    I enjoyed learning more about you. Thanks for sharing this and tagging me ~

  2. That was a good experience to know about a friend....thanks for tagging me....will try best to follow......

  3. I woke up this morning and though, hmmmm, what will I write today? Now I know! These are fun and challenging questions.

    I was reading over your answers to Kirti's questions. Number 4 sounds more like a comedy than a romance. Too funny! You should write that one.

    And were it not for the spider bite involved, it would be cool to be spiderman wouldn't it?

    I'll work on this today and post it soon! Thanks for the tag! :D

    1. Thanks Jennifer...eagerly waiting for your response :-)

      Regarding Kirti's Question No 4, that story has always revolved around my head since my childhood days, and I would love to write it down some day in a grand way :-)

  4. Great to know about you :) Thanks for the tag :)

    1. Thanks Valli ... waiting to know more about you :-)

  5. I loved every single one of your answers and it was a pleasure getting to know you better! You have a pretty great taste in music! I love Bryan Adams and The Eagles and those are actually my favorite songs of theirs! And I'm really impressed with the knowledge/wisdom question. You're right! True knowledge can never be fully attained! :) Thank you Green Speck!!

    1. Thank you Crystal. I loved sharing the bits about me, and reading about you :-)

  6. Thank you for tagging me... eeerm, I guess I'll have to find a time now to complete the questions, right? Mega busy at this end, but I will try ; ).

  7. Thanks for tagging Green Speck, will try to answer all of them soon :)
    You are quite witty, nice answers!

  8. Great answers Green Speck! thanks for responding to my tag. had a nice time reading this up. and literally cracked up over your idea of a love story :D hilarious!! :D

    1. The Love Story is definitely one story that I would write some day :-)

  9. Good to know you better! It was fun reading your answers :)
    Thanks for tagging me :) Will try to respond a.s.a.p! :))

  10. Thank you for tagging me. It sure is a great way to let readers know more about us especially for bloggers who don't let out much about themselves. I will make a post on it as soon as I can.

    Your philosophy for living life gets a thumbs up from me. :)
    Charles Dickens is one of my favorite authors. Just recently I finished reading 'A tale of two cities'. I remember reading 'Great Expectations' many years ago but I have forgotten the story. :P My favorite story by Charles Dickens is 'A Christmas Carol'.

    Glad to know more about you.
    Take care!

    1. A Tale of Two Cities was awesome ... and I loved reading it !!!

      Waiting to know more about you :-)

  11. music does free my soul, which is why i'm addicted to the hindu movies.
    yep. i concur: i enjoy reading and writing poetry but for me a good
    story is supreme.

  12. Great knowing about you. I love The Kite Runner as well :) Crystal tagged me as well. I should get to doing it soon :)

    1. Yeahh ... waiting to read your responses too :-)