Wednesday, July 04, 2012

'm Back !!!

Phew!!! What a torrid week it had been, without the services of my computer, away from the beautiful world of bloggers.

Yeah, life is tough when you are forced to change the daily habits that you have been so religiously following over the course of time. Talking about me, I have got into the habit of checking my blog every now and then, visiting the blogs of people I follow, and also finding new blogs that suit my taste (my taste changes all the time, though). Blogging thus has been a learning experience for me over the last few days.

Last Wednesday morning when I woke up to find my computer disobeying my orders to turn on, I received a massive blow to this learning curve that I was trudging along smoothly. The passage suddenly felt narrower, and the route longer.

The problems seemed aplenty, and the solutions scarce.

- What would happen to my blog? Will it die of idleness?
- The writing habit that I had developed by typing daily, will that fade in oblivion?
- Shadows, my first short story series, that too a genre that I always liked but never tried - Horror, was this the abrupt end to it?
- My blogging friends, how long do I need to stay away from their magical writings?

Haunted by these thoughts, my mind galloped, raced and dived. I had to write, or at least log in to blogger. I found a way out, using a low-configuration machine for the purpose. However, the problem was the slowness of the system. At times, I felt myself faster than that computer.

Somehow, I typed and finished my Horror Series - Shadows. Horror or not, that's up to you to decide, 'cause, I, along with many of my lovely readers would say that it's more about life than about ghostly elements. True, I had started this as a horror story, but midway through the plot, I realized I could do something different out of it. I didn't know then how it would turn out. Even now I feel I could have done a better job with the plot; but isn't that what learning is all about?

I am lucky to have such nice friends like you, who read and appreciated my work over the last few days. I am really grateful to you all. Never had I imagined that this story of mine will get 350+ page views. Never ever. I heartily thank you all for your moral support and encouragement, that motivated me to write and write.

I am glad I can read all your blogs too now. It wasn' possible using the low-configuration system. I love your writings, 'cause they teach me a lot, help me be a better person.

Thanks for providing me company in this world. I am now more confident about my writing than I was when I first made this blog. Kudos to you all !!!

Do keep writing your magical words.

And as always, love your life and live your life :-)


  1. Thank you for sharing this space with us. I added you today so I am getting your updates. But I blog twice a week so I may not be able to give you regular feedback but I will try my best.
    But here I wrote in to say -Keep Writing. Your idea of writing daily will help you immensely in your journey. Although I blog only twice a week, I write daily, {in my paper notebook} not only about something significant but also about the "so called" small and insignificant topics too, even though I do not publish them in my blog.
    Yes, friends do provide us with that much needed encouragement in our blogging journey and just like you, I am also thankful to my blogger friends. Really I am so grateful to have found this community !
    Also, just like you-my interests keeps shifting, -although I read a few blogs religiously, I read many new blogs from time to time to understand what others are doing in their field of creativity which are totally different from mine.
    Have a nice day,

    1. Thanks for adding me ... It means I would have one more blogger friend from whom I can learn from time to time :-)

  2. Glad you have your 'machine' back ~ necessary one it seems in the 21st century ~ wishing you a happy creative day ~ ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

    1. Yeah ... so many tasks happen online these days ... machines are necessary :-)

  3. Welcome back 8) waiting for your posts now!! Think fast, write and update ASAP. :D

    1. Yeah... even am waiting to read, write and blog :-)

  4. I can't imagine life w/o the internet - Fortunately for me, if I can't use my computer - my tablet or phone can take over.

    It's funny how sometimes when you write - your writing gos in a direction you didn't plan - writing has a life of it's own.

    1. Writing is just like life ... You plan, but may not get the chance to implement them :-)

  5. I'm very glad your back! 8)