Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Please Tell Me The Answer, Oh My Dear !!!

                                               (Image Source: http://indianfusion.aglasem.com)

I wish I knew the answer
To the problem that lay ahead,
I didn't, and stared at the wall plaster,
Following the ants in their parade.

The board was black
Resembling the moonless night,
I gazed at the nearby rack,
And kept trying with all my might.

The chalk dust posed a threat,
To my reputation that was at stake,
The questions that shone bright in white,
Made a mockery of my current plight.

I scratched my head,
And chewed my pen,
Nowhere did it lead,
And I was now a slaughtered hen.

The death knell rang loud and clear,
Please tell me the answer, oh my dear !!!
All in vain, the invigilator took my paper away,
And she laughed at the blank sheet, to my utter dismay.

This Poem is shared with Poets United for Poetry Pantry.


  1. The exam blues! It is a very daunting experience for all of us.

  2. My girl always gets so uptight before an exam. I tell her she ought to enjoy the challenge, not fear it but, it doesn't help. I can see that blank piece of paper...yikes!~! Nice build up of tension all through this. :)

  3. hmmm...I never had this experience.....call me fussy?.....nope.... I will fill it anyway...with lots of stuff from my own world......never left any paper blank...poor teachers:-)...enjoyed your poem.......

    1. Thanks Sreeja ... and your teachers must have really liked stuffs from your own world ;-)

  4. Another great poem with humor ~ wonderful ~~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

  5. Oh gosh, I have sat there feeling those things, over Algebra. Ugh.

  6. I'm so glad my exam days are way, way behind me! :)

    1. But life in itself is a big exam, isn't it? :-)

  7. fun! great for back to school!

  8. How funny. I have to show this to my daughter! She'll get a big smile from it. I might even have her copy the poem and write one of her own, based on these thoughts.

    PS. I wanted to say hi and thanks for joining my blog:)

    1. Wow ... that's a great compliment ... a parent showing this poem to the child as an inspiration so that she can write something on her own ... thanks a lot :-)

  9. Haha!...We all experienced this!....Nice poem :)

  10. Oh, the board on that moonless night! Wow. Great poem.

  11. lol the exam jitters! :D

    Been through it and will be going through it again. Nice poem! :)

  12. A blank space can be the worst. In a brain or on a page.

  13. Relatable to the core...
    It was scary then... Now missing those days...
    Funny people v r - human

  14. you wrote this poem effortlessly didnt you?
    I could feel that.

    Exept maybe you sit blank when u need a poem rather than an answer for an exam!!!

  15. A very funny take on an experience most can relate to. Great writing!
    Thanks for visiting my blog for last week's Pantry. I'm sorry I couldn't repay the visit until now, but I did appreciate your comment.