Monday, July 09, 2012


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He stood at the crossing,
Besides the old tea shop,
The white shirt tucked neatly,
And eyes that smiled mildly, hopefully.

Holding in his hands the specks of joys,
Inviting the rush of little girls and boys,
"I want the white one," "Red for me,"
Parents too joined the fun, often buying at a time three.

He used to be my favorite,
A childhood hero I suppose,
Waving the colors that circled over his shoulder,
Playing the part of the mystical Pied Piper.

The balloons rose high, higher,
Taller than the winds permitted,
They defied gravity, the laws of science,
They danced magically to the balloon-seller's rhymes.

Time has moved on, I have grown up,
So have the other kids in the neighborhood,
The crossing still exists,
Where elegantly stands our old balloon-hero.

His shoulders drooping with burden,
Perhaps they were now lighter than air,
The colors turned disobedient, cruel,
Refusing to rise up on his commands.

He looks patiently around, shouting as hard as he could,
Trying to attract the kids with his myriad gifts,
Hardly does he realize the changed pattern of the game,
Where playing with balloons appear just too lame.

Xbox and Playstations, consoles and computers,
Have become toys of the current generations,
"Why shall I be satisfied holding a balloon?
When 3D games can easily take me to the moon?"

Yet, he still stands at the crossing,
Besides the old tea shop,
The white shirt tucked neatly,
And eyes that smiled wearily, hopefully !!!

This Poem is written for One Single Impression and the Prompt is Balloon.


  1. This is really nice...and thoughtful!

  2. Enjoyed this. And so sad electronics has taken over.

    1. Electronics can never replace the real joy that non-electronic goods gave in the past .. simple and innocent childhood has lost somewhere.

  3. Omg! This reminded me of my own childhood, I loved to buy balloons, and even now I love watching kids buy them, kids now doesn't know how to have fun like we did! They miss their real innocent childhood!

    1. Kids and their parents have become more tech-savvy now...but computers can't give the simple and innocent pleasure that we used to have with balloons and toys.

  4. Ah nice, down so many memory lanes... : )

  5. childhood nice!!

  6. *SIGH* Childhood was the best time

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  7. What a sweet poem. You draw such a beautiful emotional connection with the balloon seller through the years of popularity to obscurity. It's a wonderful poem!

  8. Oh my goodness... Just the breath of fresh air I needed.. Thank you so much for posting and sharing this beautiful, sweet poem.

  9. its cute,, actually depicting wat children do..

  10. woww this is fabulous....this is something that stayed always...wherever we go the thing that most fascinates my little girl is balloon.....

  11. This is so beautiful and touching..
    But I think kids still love balloons.. (not only kids, me too.. hehehe) They are giving free balloons at most of the events to attract kids.. and at birthday parties you can see the kids waiting for the clown shaped balloons!
    But I have to agree, the man selling balloons was really a hero! :))

    1. Yes, it's just that some heroes are not recognized !!!

  12. I really loved reading this poem. It spoke to me. It is soulful and simply fabulous !
    So sensitive, thoughtful as well as thought provoking. One of your best writing so far !
    {P.S: you remind me of an Iranian movie called "The White Baloon" by Jafar Panahi. Watch it if you haven't already ! It will touch your heart}

    1. I haven't watched the movie, but will definitely try to get a copy of it. Thanks for the suggestion :-)

  13. Oh, sad yet very touching poem. Time change lots of things. Some change with time, some changed by time and some watch standing still. They preserve old time for us to remember.

    Excellent rendering of emotions.

  14. This is amazing poem!!...Wow!!....You created a wonderful story of reality out of the prompt.....Loved it...