Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Clouds and Stars

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how mean and cruel of the clouds
to hide away the stars
as I sit, gazing, on my roof
the lonesome reality but a farce
I count on my fingers
and then in stones and pebbles
the numbers do not match
alas, this sky isn't my fable

there, squealing in fright
my star comes in sight
only for a second though
before it succumbs to the fight
O clouds, have some mercy
let them twinkle, shine bright
how much longer shall we wait
for this darkness to welcome the light

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  1. Not long, soon it will be spring. Smiles!

  2. Love the counting.. we have to have it like that.

  3. In search of the twinkling bright...beautifully written:)

  4. Alas, this sky isn't my fable. Perfect!

  5. To welcome the light, the wait can be endless at times but, its worth it! Beautiful verse! :)

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