Friday, October 02, 2015

His Dreams Were Small

his dreams were small
he was scared of the fall
to be hurt so bad
by losing it all

his means were limited
the fields stagnated
year after year
his debts collaborated

he had mouths to feed
their hunger wasn't greed
burdened by fate
no ear to pay him heed

and then the sun rose
but his eyes were close
bidding a farewell
it was death that he chose

helpless and lonely when alive
in death, he was featured live
News channels and politics
this life was what he paid as bribe

the crops still weep blood
in famine, and in flood
but why do we care
we've learnt to ignore the failing bud

his dreams were small
he was scared of the fall
to be hurt so bad
by losing it all

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  1. Sadly if one's dreams are small, why does one have to bribe people to feature your death in living stream? But I get the psychology as this is what happens when one is overwhelm with life's pressures and debts; death is an easy way out. I wonder if this is true though ~ Thanks for linking up with D'verse ~

    1. Thanks Grace. Unfortunately, these are the bitter truth of this world.

  2. Thank you for sharing this well-written poem. Loved it! :)

  3. A very well written and thought provoking poem Amrit. Depicting the harsh realities of the farmers, who toil throughout the year and yet d not see their small dreams getting fulfilled.

  4. Alas - so sad when not even the smallest needs can be fulfilled- crops weeping blood, what a heavy line.

  5. Funny how true
    that story about
    can be
    gaining ALL
    in hUman
    heArt expresSinG
    spiRit.. as emoTiOns
    Art... in MiNd and body
    balancing a soUl aLiVe..:)

  6. Tragic when nature herself turns against you and you can't eek out a living...even a small, modest one. You describe so well the bleakness and hopelessness of this scenario. Well done!

  7. Imagery is very vivid in this, Amrit. It is a lesson in tragedy.

  8. How sad it is when we lose hope, lose the fight within us. And it is true that (sometimes) our problems are only highlighted become topical after death.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  9. Very well written Amrit. You captured the nuances of the small farmer's life very well.