Friday, November 22, 2013

A Country For Men - Review

This book tells the ugly truth about India. A girl born in India is considered to be a liability right from her birth, she has to suffer at difference stages of her life from the very people who are supposed to love her, cherish her.
The increasing number of incidents of rapes and other dreadful acts against women had made things worse for them. now they aren't safe even inside their homes. 
The book is the historical, geographical and social view of the hate culture that the women are forced upon. 

About the Author
Rohit Kumar Singh Jadon (RKSJ) has always taken a keen interest in travelling and the questions about life, which are hard to answer. An engineer by profession and a writer by passion; after being in and out of many jobs his passion have taken over his profession and he is now totally driven towards writing. After the success of his first book, A Short Affair Called Life, he has written a much bolder book. This book is all about the injustice the women of this country face every day.

The author clearly states “This book isn't another entertaining story; it’s the ugly and terrifying truth of Our Nation.” So be prepared for hard hitting revelations instead of candy floss romances. Get ready to delve deep into the evils of modern society, and pray for the emergence of a savior who can rescue us from the drugged mentality that has chained the countrymen since time unlimited, ‘cause only a miracle can be our messiah, and guide us to the light.

Author Rohit Kumar Singh Jadon, better known as RKSJ, narrates the misdeeds that have been happening in this country against women since years. Rapes, sexual exploitation and violation of women rights have always been a black spot in our nation. We feel proud to call ourselves Indians, but the reality lowers that pride. How can we call ourselves as citizens of a progressive nation if we cannot take care of our women?

RKSJ highlights the incidents that have shamed the beautiful culture of our country that we often boast of. While we pray to Goddesses, we harm the women who are supposed to be reflections of those Goddesses. Contrasting, but true. The so-called ideologies of providing equal opportunities to women are fake, ‘cause safety also comes directly under the list of opportunities. If the women do not feel safe in their own nation, their motherland, where will they go?

And think of it, we still refer India as our MOTHERland – again, a sharp contrast to the actual plights of mothers and sisters and daughters and all girls and women in this country.

What could be the reason for the increased rate of crime against women? RKSJ points one of the reason to be the patriarchal mind-set of the society. He says that since women are also pursuing jobs and making a career of their own, men often feel threatened and to showcase their own power, they perform such dastardly acts.

Why can’t we all live in peace?

Though there are several men who are good, the country is still an unsafe place for women due to some who ruin the image of the society. The number of rape cases in the country has seen an exponential rise in the last few years, and the numbers keep increasing. The Government has made several bold talks, and planned to implement measures that would probably curb this evil, but unfortunately, most of them are still in the planning stages, and the ones that have been executed, have failed to really come up with positive results. Crimes are still happening, and in larger numbers.

What should we do then? Where are the loopholes? Perhaps it’s in the way the criminals were brought up in this society. Perhaps, there are flaws in the current system that fail to curb the animal instincts of these men. Perhaps, a better education system, or perhaps …

This book is an eye – opener. We can be proud of India winning the World Cup, but we should be equally ashamed of the atrocities carried out to women in this nation. Perhaps, it’s time to weave miracles, and believe in the power of good, to eradicate this evil from the society.

Title: A Country for Men
Author: Rohit Kumar Singh Jadon (RKSJ)
Publisher: Blackbuck Publication
Publication Year: 2013
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Genre: Non - Fiction
No. of Pages: 150
Price: Rs 130
My Rating: 4/5


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