Saturday, February 08, 2014

That Man, Dark And Ugly

that man
dark and ugly
no, don't go near
a devil he is, no less
perhaps, a demon from hell
yes, I know, we know

look, how savagely
he drinks those dark murky mud
quenching his thirst
his fingers dipping into the craters
scratching the potholes
as water bloods out
through the veins of darkened terrain
his tongue licks

but no, he' ain't alone
that man, dark and ugly, I told you about
a dog, stands beside, admiring the beast
in its act, so brazenly inhuman
like a monster
he immerses his face
in the abandoned liquid

thirst knows no riches
neither does life
extreme measures they adopt
only to survive
as we watch in disgust
our curtained homes, the perfect shelter
guiding us from monsters
who know not of filtered water
but seek deep in filthy craters
the last drops
wagging their tongues
they taste delight in dirt

and we cringe our nose
in abandoned hatred
our bottled purified water
stands majestically
on the table

we look no more
we look no more
at that grimy monster
that man
dark and ugly

This Poem is shared with Theme Thursday - Thirsty.


  1. Talks of poverty i suppose! :) well depicted n our general notion of disgust n disinterest backed with bias...

  2. Me thinks, I know this man ...

  3. of your best...a hauntingly chilly poem that ends up as a satire....

  4. That is a powerful one, Amrit. "and we cringe our nose in abandoned hatred" - wonderfully penned.

  5. :'( pain captured so well...

  6. As often as one gets disgusted with what one sees these are just distractions.May perhaps serve as a 'not to follow in good company ' guide. Great word structure Amrit!


  7. This made me serious...I can't explain how do I feel after reading this one...

  8. Very touching poem. It's very easy to turn our face away from the obvious but that doesn't change the truth. This is heart-wrenching :(

  9. You wrote similar to what I have been thinking these days. Not exactly though.
    Harsh reality. It pricks :/

  10. This is very powerful writing... Thanks for sharing!

  11. This post has been selected for the Spicy Saturday Picks this week. Thank You for an amazing post! Cheers! Keep Blogging :)

    1. That's an honor ... thanks so much :-)

  12. thirst knows no riches
    neither does life
    extreme measures they adopt
    only to survive

    Powerful lines
    congrats on SSP.