Thursday, February 20, 2014


where do you come from
postman, would he know
flowing with dreams
music in fire
childish spark, teases and giggles
poetry, audience and crescendo
melody, is that you?

conch shell, flute and drum
rhymes and words
innocent prayers, Lord - the Divine Supreme
melting in my soul
betel leaf, red chuckle
music of the past
melody, is that you?

that grown-up city
that toddler village
in napes of your ears,
in creases of dim by-lanes
rest, peace and surrender
stepping onto pure azure, one's soul
and bliss
melody, is that you?

petals, close, now blooming with love
dew drops and pearls adorn the bride
their eyes meet, smiles, subtle
among the lilies, white and pure
blessed by the moon, two hearts unite
in harvest of rain, counting days, a voice within
slowly, gently, comes to light
the pain, and then pleasure, emanating with the cry
two becomes three, eyes fill with pride
dawn of the aura, transformation in her stride
mother, she now, holding her baby tight
nurturing life, she gifts nectar, and a new world
melody, is that you?

eyes drizzle, tracing the fear
of mind and evil, where are you dear
the open door, her questioning soul
footsteps, illuminating her smile
and at times, a vacant beat
numb, and she cries, muffled
the aging orb
giggling without the pearls
passion of her youth, wrung in wrinkles
fables and folk tales, rooted in path traversed
a wait ascends, enthusiastically
laughing at the graveyard
what would you name this melody?
ah, forget it, trap yourself not in your mortal mind
let melody be named MELODY, tonight

Yet another translation of yet another amazing Urdu poem by the brilliant Sadia Khan. Three translations already, and I am loving it :-)

Read her beautiful poem in the link below. I am glad she allows me to translate her poems. Perhaps, its the beauty of Urdu, or the magic of her words, or maybe, a perfect concoction of both, that makes it irresistible for readers like me not to get inspired by what she writes.

God knows how she comes up with such mind-blowing verses, but readers like me would definitely say 'Let them coming.'

This Poem is shared with dVerse - Open Link Night.


  1. a dense and emotional write...i like the storytelling... and the not being stuck in the mortal mind... a melody that goes beyond what we experience... now over to check her out..smiles

  2. Thanks a lot ... you made it better ... :)

  3. let melody be melody tonight....smiles

    cool close...i am so glad you are doing this...sadia is a wonderful poet and i miss her poems in english....smiles....

    quite a bit of emotion wrapped up in this one...

  4. You turned voice to melody and it took the already beautiful verse to a magical level...Beautifully done Amrit. Loved the original too :)

  5. let melody be named MELODY, tonight - I specially like the close ~ Thanks for sharing Amrit ~

  6. Quite an emotional and captivating write. Perfectly titled as well :)

  7. Such a beauty...beautifully crafted words!!!
    and the translation was brilliant.

  8. For me, each gracefully-played stanza could well be a melodious piece, standing proudly alone!
    Otherwise, the beautiful life of one, looking back at childhood, adolescence, falling so deeply in love,
    marriage, all travel me through my own (male) life.
    And with such emotional tones in these melodies, I cannot imagine more real!
    Then it ends where I am now, laughing at the cemetery, and in reprospect, naming my life A MELODY.

    You are amazing for using your talents to do this for us, Amrit. All English readers are in your debt.

    1. Your words mean a lot to me Steve ... you are a beautiful person ... thanks a lot :-)

  9. Serene and pure this one! :)

    Wow, you are acing her translations!

    1. Thanks Soumya ... am just trying to do justice to her words :-)

  10. True indeed you preserved the beauty of Awaz in Melody.. embellished it further...
    I am just too mesmerised to see the pristine charm of Urdu rejuvenating in your translation... Bravo!

    1. I am so glad to know you loved it ... thanks a lot :-)

  11. Beautiful and mesmerising Amrit!I also read Sadia's poem and must say you have captured the essence in totality,never taking away the beauty of the original:-)Also thank you for the link to Sadia's blog-will be following her-love Hind-urdu poetry-,my first love:-)

  12. Intense deep and very very beautiful....great work Amrit and Kudos to Sadia...:)