Thursday, February 20, 2014

Blue Bangles

words, caressing against his tongue
a plea, bitten, and molded
escaping from lips
"dear, will you wear them once,
these blue bangles that I bought
for you, from the land of the suns
dear, will you please,
for us, and me"

dipped in honey, sugar candy
those wet words
prick against my barren soul,

twisting my fingers
squirming, pain
those feared grits
my wrists wriggle
amidst the veins
green, no, not green
but blue
those blue bangles
mocking, now rests
gleefully on my weary arm

a sigh, bleeds and escapes
a sigh, painting the bangles in red
but yet they remain blue
blue bangles, leering in delight
how they crave for my withered plight

'how wonderful they look
the blue bangles
on your fair arm
shining with the delicacy
wouldn't it be unfair not to savor
this petite relish?'

coming closer, he leaned against my cold
his salacious gaze, boring me deep
my modesty, in his hold
wishes I planted, in that garden of yore
uprooted, plundered, rooting for the roots
my heart once fertile, now a desert blue
can this sand ever bear fruit
can my bleeding wings ever seek the truth
soaking in his moans, tear lingering the corner
of my hopes, shed and shred

he cried in delight
I shuddered in pain
who cares what I feel
'cause I am not taught to complain
a sudden clink, and the bangles break free
tearing me apart, they mercilessly flee
and fall down on the marbled floor
the bangles blue
now, painted in red
waves forever lost in shore

Fourth translation ... and yes, this does seem challenging. Translating something originally written by one of my favorite writers, Sadia, and that too in a language I never really learnt formally, is indeed quite a challenge. But yes, it was fun, and satisfying.

I hope I did justice to her original creation, so beautifully penned in the link below:

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  1. This carries a very deep and soulful meaning...
    Pat on the back Amrit!

  2. i found the bleeding wings and pondering if they ever would find truth to be quite evocative....
    sadia does a great job of bringing on the emotion...

  3. Thanks again, Amrit, for doing this wonderful job ... Thank you, Brian :)

  4. Read Sadia's and this one, wonderfully translated! :)

  5. Pleasure to read it and thank you for sharing

  6. I think you've done a great job capturing the nuances!

  7. The words have beautifully the deepest thoughts of a woman hurt and scarred by illusions of love.

  8. Thoughtfully chosen beautiful words,Amrit.Well done. trans