Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Broken Latch

"close the door"
he had said, once
before walking across the dusty pavements
"until I return
and I would knock
a farewell till then"

tracing the steps, yet failure to hold
those winds of north
that depart with you
closed door - 
oblivious to footprints
sounds soft and subtle
a music to my soul

locking his promises
in the warm precinct of hope
I kissed, caressed and loved
syllables and letters
under my cotton pillow
as the warm salty streams
burn my wishes within

forty two winters pass
whistling with the wind
as I sit alone, stitching the skin that threatenes to fall apart
now, or tomorrow
curtains torn and tattered
clock, ticking, weary with age
a bed bent not by weight but by wait
walls painted in damp
grey strands of hair
streaming across my gaze, hazy
utensils burnt with hunger
attention is what they crave
my fingers shudder, shake and cry
breath, now shallow, and deep
gulping the loneliness that stares at me
mercy dripping, nectar
or perhaps, poison

faith, stagnant through years
and the broken latch
open door - can you hear his footsteps?
oh how cruelly you absorb the music of his arrival
why shouldn't I avenge the reason of my survival

in your absence
I search for presence
the broken latch
the open door
I peep outside
eyes glittering like stars
is that you, my love
the answer that I burnt over the years
or is it, just again
the knock of this cruel cold wintry wind
mocking at my dismay
and my fatigued grey

This is another attempt of mine to translate anotherbeautiful Urdu poem written by the very versatile blogger, writer and poet, Sadia Khan. You can read her original composition in the link below:

Eagerly waiting for feedback from all of you.

This Poem is shared with Imaginary Garden - Open Link Monday.


  1. Oh wow this was amazing! I did not understand Sadia's poem because of the Urdu, but this one was beautiful! So I can imagine how wonderful the inspiration would have been! :)

    I re-read it again. Its wonderful.

    1. True ... I wish you could have read her ... she is brilliant :-)

  2. nice...thank you again for the translation...
    the warm precinct of love...i like that description

  3. This is amazing Amrit. I especially loved "In your absence I search for presence" - what a powerful line!

  4. PURRRRFECT ;) I'm happy that you did this for me. Thanks :)

  5. How sad on all that waiting & hoping ~ I specially like this: the knock of this cruel cold wintry wind ~

    Thanks for the translation & link as well ~

  6. Sad but beautifully written. Thank you, Amrit, for translating it. Loved it! :)

  7. Nice read (y)

  8. Gorgeous and sad. Thank you for the translation.

  9. Beautifully done Amrit, I'm loving this jugalbandi of you and Sadia :) A treat to the senses!!

  10. Longing and sadness beautifully written.

  11. wonderful translation...i sense the pain of an aging person suffering from a lover's departure. the years waiting and hoping...thank you, Amrit and Sadia.