Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Window

I burn with fever
but one knows no cure
vain and limp, they fail to fathom
the reason that floats
out of my open window

O prescribe me no pill
but subscribe me her smile
that passes down the street
seeking her sight
the eyes of my room
draped in red autumn leaves
rustles a passive sigh

you turn
our eyes meet, blush and hush
two hearts burn, two souls fuse
together, forever
I try to speak, but words don't find
a vent to my wishes, once clandestine, now embraced
in the open wind, under the pale blue sky
calling out our names
across eons

a silence
envelopes my world
a peaceful wave
is this what they call bliss
and then, my heart
speaks out those words
that come not from my tongue
but beat deep within

sands in the hourglass
now still
listening attentively
to my stumbling words
uncertain, soft, and caressing
"My Lady Luck, My Moonlit Love
Too late you have been to this yearning dove."

and the window
to the rising horizon
of the red dawn sun

This is my attempt to translate a poem written by my dear friend and one of my favorite poets Sadia Khan. Her original work in Hindi/Urdu is a real delight, and can be read in the link below:

Sadia, I know I have erred in finding the right words to translate your original creation that's so divinely beautiful, but then I would apologize for the same saying - "To err is human" ;-) Eagerly awaiting your feedback.

Hope you all enjoy it :-)

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  1. Well translated verses..Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. I read it twice, and it certainly is better and beautiful :)

  3. You did a great job, my friend. This is beautiful!

  4. Amrit, it is a beautiful. I believe you have given a heart felt translation.

  5. this is so amazing that I am not sure what I should comment here. You are one brilliant writer ^_^

  6. Hey Amrit...
    I loved this and the choice of words...
    Translation is a tough job friend!

  7. well translated..and sooooooooo beautiful!!!

  8. Beautiful and attractive verse.

  9. Beautifully composed by Sadia and splendidly re-enticed by You. After sooo long yet it's so divine everything time I read your writing Greeny :) Take care !! :)

  10. nice...i can understand now...this is beautiful....perscribe me no pill but subscribe me her smile....just one of the many lines that are stellar...

  11. So beautifuly u related the treatment of ur disease...with her smile :)
    Nd the line
    don't prescribe me any pill... I liked that the most :)

  12. Moonlit love that knows no cure, hmmm I think I have heard of this incurable ache that afflicts the heart :P

  13. thank you for translating this lovely poem. reading it over more than once takes the imagination to a different place every time. wonderfully done...both of you.

  14. It is so very intense and beautiful..pure romantica....loved it Amrit..thank u for exposing us to this piece of work. You write well and your translation does all justice.

    Kabhi meri bhi poetry check kar liya karo :P