Friday, December 20, 2013

Will You Cut Through My Frozen Heart

will you cut through my frozen heart
devoid of sun and all the warmth
I feel numb, the veins don't throb
trapped in the crystals of hurried past
sweeping by in motions ablaze
the audience around, stands and claps
a hundred tears answer my call
like faithful servants, they wait for my fall
as I fly down the hill, valleys embrace
I hear me cry, I hear me shout
the voices within aren't too loud
choking my dreams, that once had wings
now chained amidst chaos and din
I pray for answers, and hope and love
wishing to not wish again
my frozen heart shattered and bleeds
walking on them, bare feet
I laugh, and I weep

This poem is shared with The Mag - Mag 198.


  1. The first four lines and i was hooked...
    This is so intensely beautiful :)

  2. One of your best works.... Intense and amazing... Write more of such kind :)

  3. Your frozen heart will melt,
    The warmth of glee will meet you.

    Lovely verses.

  4. There is always that one person though who will be able to cut through a frozen heart and warm it again :)

  5. frozen hearts... veins that don't throb.. truly wonderful concepts, make for the best of lines! I loved it!

  6. This is so beautiful. Loved it. :)

  7. So so beautiful, Amrit. You always manage to leave an impression on my heart with your words.

  8. A very intense and profound poem. This is so far the BEST that I read from your pen. The line 'wishing not to wish again' is so deep.and marvelous. Wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.