Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This Vote Is For You, For Your People, For India

All those present at the Ramlila Maidan on 28th December 2013 witnessed the making of history in a brighter hue, when a common man, elevated to the post of Chief Minister, addressed the people of Delhi, and the nation, saying that “not just Arvind Kejriwal or six ministers have taken oath, but all of Delhi has been sworn in as CM and minister”. The tricolors fluttered gently with the wind, as people traveled from all across the country to draw inspiration from this change of politics, that till not so long ago, had turned out into a potboiler of corruption and scams, but now, promised to be refined and cleansed of all its impurities.
What really stands out in Mr. Kejriwal’s address is the power that he bestows on the common man, urging them to come forward, and play their roles as citizens of this democracy. True, we have been subdued for long by ugly political games. True, we have been made prey to the muck that has surrounded us all. But not anymore. We dream to progress, with truth, and integrity.

And that’s where the youth of this nation comes to the forefront. Politics can no longer be isolated from the Gen-X and Gen-Y, as their contribution as voters in recent times have really made a significant change in the governance of this country. They have stood by idealism, supporting the anti-corruption movement of Anna Hazare, and voting for the political party that they could relate themselves with.

Today, youth does hold a lot of power. However, how can you get them to exercise that power in a positive manner? In this modern era, time is a commodity that not many can relish. People are busy with their professional and personal lives. What can you do to draw their attention towards their role in choosing the right government for the nation?

This is exactly where Social Mobile Apps come into play. However busy today’s youth might be, most of them are connected to social networks via mobile apps, which have flooded the market, a few also gaining popularity and fame due to their features that are trendy and makes communication easier, and all the more fun.

Well then, how can social mobile apps inspire and mobile India’s youth to vote in the Indian General Elections 2014? Read on.

Chat Upfront with the Election Candidates

The youth, as the voters, have the right to know their candidates better. Keeping this in mind, social mobile apps can come with a feature where a voter can directly interact with the electoral candidates, ask themm questions upfront, and listen to their answers. The Video Call feature can be used in this regard and an interactive and healthy discussion can take place. This will further lead to a better understanding of the election process, and will help the youth in making up their mind as to which candidates to vote for during elections.

Debate With Candidates and Voters

A group chat, with several voters, and members of political parties, can serve as a platform for an insightful debate. The voters can question the party representatives regarding their agenda, and the latter can in turn put forward their proposals regarding actions that would prove beneficial to the country. The key areas that needs to be addressed can be identified in this process, which will help the parties in re-framing their agendas if the need arises. It would also give the youth voters a chance to recognize the merits and demerits of each party.

Have A Look At Others’ Opinions

WeChat, a popular Social Media App, has some interesting features like Look Around and Shake which can be used specifically for this purpose. These two functions can help to build connection between people who are not there in friend list. They are absolute strangers. Yet, when you use these features, you can readily get in touch with them, and start discussing about the political scenario of this country. Ideas exchanged will surely lead to a clearer opinion regarding the candidate or the party you are going to vote.

Survey Election Trends

As a youth voter, one needs to be aware of the direction where the wind is blowing. If there is a feature where the voter can cast a ‘dummy’ vote, and then check what others have voted for, it would lead to a higher excitement building up before the actual election process. Thankfully, WeChat comes fully loaded with this feature, named Drift Bottle. It’s anonymous and fun, and it surely would lure the youth towards the General Elections.

Emoting is Fun

Finally, why not have some Emoticons that would make the process all the more attractive. Emoticons representing symbol of political parties can be added, along with icons of eminent political leaders of today. The youth loves to use new emoticons, and in this process, they will invariably be discussing a lot about politics more than they realize.

Social Mobile Apps like WeChat can prove to be a trendsetter in this regard as they have most of the features discussed above. The only thing needed is to implement them in the right direction and context, and we will have the enthusiasm of the youth channeled towards the Indian General Elections 2014.

However, whoever you vote for, remember always – this vote is for you, for your people, for India.
Vote for India, always.

This is my official entry to Vote For India contest organized by Indiblogger in association with WeChat.

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  1. Not Indian, but American am I...and how you present this moment in your history, is SO reminiscent of the often awkward, sometimes--MANY times--bloody changes in my own government.

    Change of anything is never easy, swift, or complete, whether in an individual's life, or the life of a country, its government. People who have made a (good) living out of professionally stealing (graft, etc.) from the populace, have a VERY difficult time of giving it up.

    What you are doing, Amrit, is necessary and GOOD and commendable. I applaud you and your effort. May success lie ahead for the young in their cause of freedom, a government "by the people", and for the people. Also a government which is clean--and if possible TRANSPARENT...so everyone can see what is going on and WHY!

  2. love the way you explained the use of app...I bet you will be among winners..All the best.

  3. Organized and effectively written post. And what else can be better than discussing the latest voting revolution in the very beginning of your post...
    All the best for contest..

    PS: I really wanna know how do you manage to say more in less words :)

    1. Thank You. And yes, do join my Sunday classes - "Say more in less words" :-P

  4. Interesting app, its all about moving ahead with changing times and not forgetting our duties along with rights.Good luck for the contest Amrit