Friday, December 27, 2013

Yuvraj Singh : Powerful Elegance - Review

At the Under 19 level, Yuvraj Singh was touted as the most gifted Indian cricketer since Sachin Tendulkar. Yuvraj had flair, power and a dazzling range of strokes that had critics and fans heaping encomiums on him. While he may not have quite lived up to early expectations, especially in Test cricket, Yuvraj has been brilliantly devastating in limited overs cricket, winning countless matches on his own. There is more to the Yuvraj story than just his exploits on the pitch. There has been no more stirring saga in modern Indian sport than his comeback to international cricket after a year-long fight with cancer that had threatened to finish his career prematurely. His six sixes in one over, off Stuart Broad in the 2007 T20 World Championship, is testimony to Yuvraj's innate batting prowess, though this comes with a vexing poser just why could he not replicate such form in Tests too? Perhaps, considering his new vigour, that time is now.

About the Author
Ayaz Memon, one of India's most prolific journalists, brings with him 33 years of experience in sports writing. He started his career covering sports and went on to edit newspapers like Mid Day, Bombay Times and DNA as well as magazines like Sportsweek. Ayaz was also sports editor for the Times of India and the Independent at various stages.

‘Powerful Elegance’ is certainly an apt description for the man who has seen it all, and has faced the hurdles with style. Whether you talk about his career or look deep into his personal side, there has always been elements of doubts and misfits that have proved to be unwanted obstacles, hindering his stride to glory in occasions more than once. However, it is this uncertainty and the unpredictability that makes for a rather interesting characterization of one of the most talented and powerful batsmen in modern day Cricket. Yuvraj Singh, the middle order batsman for India in limited overs Cricket, certainly needs no introduction.

Ayaz Memon and C. Rajshekar Rao pens down the story of this left handed stroke player. He is the son of Yograj Singh who was considered to be one of the most talented players to have played during that era. Unfortunately, he couldn't represent India for a longer run. He did show a lot of promise in domestic cricket, but his skills couldn't result in a berth in Indian team on a regular basis. The frustration and this lack of opportunity lead to hurt and pain, and Yograj dreamt of his son living up to his aims and aspirations of playing for the country and becoming an integral part of the team.

Yuvraj, who was initially interested in other sports, was almost forced to abandon them. His father wanted him to devote single-mindedly to the game of Cricket, and Yuvraj didn't disappoint him. His success in domestic matches earned him repute, and soon he moved onto the national side, proving his mettle against one of the best bowling attacks in those times.

However, success has never been a consistent factor in Yuvraj’s life, and his form dipped regularly. He did show sparks of brilliance, but his inconsistency proved to be a vital chink in his armor. He promised a lot, but most of the time, his fans only got disappointment in return.

And then came the 2011 World Cup. Yuvraj played the best Cricket of his life, helping India win the trophy and fulfilling the dreams of a million cricket lover. All were happy and the time seemed to be finally running in favor of Yuvraj. However, his poor luck gripped hold of him again when, soon after the World Cup, he was diagnosed with Cancer.

The book traces the journey of success and failure, promises fulfilled and unfulfilled, and dreams savored and lost. That lazy swagger on the pitch, the sixes hit with aplomb, the one handed diving catches that looks so easy when he is on them, and those slow left arm spin that troubles and surprises the opening batsmen – these define Yuvraj. Like an ardent Cricket fan, I have always loved watching him bat, bowl and field, and have always wished for him to be successful, to taste the fruits of glory, ‘cause that’s what he deserves.

Alas, only if the world could have been perfect, and ideal, and hardships had never been his companion. But then again, could we have known and respected him as a fighter, as we do now.

Whether you score or not Yuvraj, you have definitely won the hearts of millions of fans across the globe. A true fighter. A real inspiration.

Title: Yuvraj Singh : Powerful Elegance
Author: Ayaz Memon and C. Rajshekar Rao
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Publication Year: 2013
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Genre: Series Book
Series Name: Jaico Cricketwallah by Ayaz Memon
No. of Pages: 96
Price: Rs 125
My Rating: 3/5


  1. This book is a pure inspiration to anyone & it gives a great perspective on life. Yuvi is a great fighter & he overcame so many obstacles to fight the cancer out.

    There is one para in which he mentions what sachin said to them for the World cup finals - "Do anything on field, sit, fall, die....but dont let the ball pass you" seldom get the hear the ongoings behind the scene

    One important thing I learned from this book is that we should control our emotions (as a cricket fan). I mean for the first time I understood what all things go in a cricketer's mind and life. Even they are human and we should treat them so. When they fail, we keep on mocking them. When they succeed, we held them high...We need to be balanced. They are also playing to win !

    Thanks for a wonderful book Yuvi & many thanks for the World Cup !! :)

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