Thursday, December 12, 2013


I wake up every night, in sweat and blood, falling down from stairs, spiraling along the metal that plays music to my bleeding ears. The dark clouds mock at my arrival, my nose damaged, and the winds cursing the wounds with all its bitterness. Where am I to go, where am I supposed to live? Survival is a necessity not only in the real world, but also in dreams; and again, how can we know what is real?

Some term it as nightmare; I refer to it as a life sold to monsters, vague, unreal, and yet so true.

This 5-Sentence Fiction is shared with Picture It And Write.


  1. As if we're given no choice at times, as though we've sold our souls to the devil without ever knowing. See the thoughts that you put in my mind with your brilliant works? You're still the King ya know!!! :)

    1. Thanks a lot Crystal ... so good to have you back :-)

  2. I sometimes experience those nightmares too! When you are awake you know they aren't real, but while you are asleep and in that bad dream, everything feels like reality. Great post! :-)

  3. It's amazing how the photo appears so different depending on the stories weaved in response to it. Wow. Great job.

  4. An amazing write! You seem to capture the feel of this picture.

  5. "Survival is a necessity not only in the real world, but also in dreams", rightly said.

    Nightmares give us a hard time and I have a strong connection with chasing dreams. Since many years I'm having dreams where I run for my life, panting and sweating to get just a few more minutes of survival.

  6. Oh yes, some dreams can be really scary...