Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Bird Will Be Free

when two hands meet
the bird will be free
unfurling the wings
it will fly to thee
feed it with grains
and nuts and love
trap it no more
in the sandstorms of dusk
let it kiss the sun
let it run the beach
why do we cage our dreams
when nothing is ever out of reach?

This Poem is shared with Picture It And Write.


  1. None cage the dreams with choices left free...
    Love write-up, Amrit :)

  2. b'cause it is life which isn't as sublime as thy poetry. It plays, it writhes, at unfurls but not always can it be tinged with the shades of reality!!

  3. "trap it no more
    in the sandstorms of dusk"

    Nice write up

    happy blogging :)

  4. You inspire with your words :)

  5. Why am I caging my dreams ... for now ... because I have to accumulate enough food ... in order to retire ... soon ... smiles ... world trip, here we come ... smiles ...

  6. Lovely poem Amrit :) The themes you choose for creating stories are always something remarkable. Keep them coming :)

  7. It is painful when we cage our dreams.

  8. Oh my goodness, this blew me away. Pea.

  9. While reading this the little bird beautifully soared through my mind.

  10. Made me think of "set it free and if it returns to you, it is truly yours."