Sunday, November 01, 2015

Writer's Block

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I scribble
and tremble
I sit tight
is it true
is it right
I've lost my words
I can no longer write

blank my mind
numb are my fingers
the pen refuses to budge
fear still lingers
what could be the reason
am I way past my time
farewell is it
have I really forgot to rhyme

tears no longer sway
they stream down my heart
what seemed easy
was now the toughest part
the paper lay blank
against the chime of the clock
there would be no new stories
I succumb to writer's block

This Poem is shared with Poets United - Poetry Pantry.


  1. Ha, I have sometimes had the feeling of having lost my words as well....but thankfully it passes! I like the emotional way you wrote this poem...I think we all have empathy with anyone who has writers' block!

  2. Oh I'd say that block has been broken as these words melt wonderfully down the page.

  3. best not to think about it.. you did well though :)

  4. Such a vivid depiction of writers block... love it!

  5. Sometimes we have those days... that's when I start to read... and suddenly there are a couple of words nailed to the parchment.

  6. I know the feeling, but your words prove the poetry is still alive and well in you......words will return, never fear. They always do. Meanwhile, this poem is right on target!

  7. Terrible familiar feeling. May the flow of words wash through you.

  8. oh i know how it is... superb lines.. love the rhyme in it.

  9. You are one person who never faces writer's block I guess, Amrit!

    When you do, you have the ability to write about it too. :)

  10. Keep writing, Amrit !!!

    I mean, go out, spend sometime alone, just be with your self...! I am sure, you'll overcome this 'tremble' and 'fear'.

    Nice poem... a very nice description of writer's block.

  11. Oh but not! This works wonderfully both in a liberal and metaphorical way...effortless writing!

  12. Such a poetic and frisky surrender. It rather ignites the fire to write again, doesn't it?

  13. It sure does not look like you have lost your muse.

  14. Perfect words.. In fact I am going through one too...
    "what seemed easy
    was now the toughest part
    the paper lay blank"

    Looks like my situation translated into words!

    1. I don't agree with you. You never seem to be in a dearth of ideas for your posts :-p

  15. You succumb to the writer's block and write a poem on it. :) Excellent !! That's what is called turning a challenge into an opportunity.

  16. That is just perfect..!!! Exactly each of our thoughts when we hit writer's block..!! And of course you rhymed in this..!!


  17. even sometimes i have writer's block ya where ur imaginary friends stop talking to u:)) with writer's block u have written a superb poem overcoming writer's block:))

  18. The block has been cleared by your beautiful words and thoughts,Amrit.