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"Books Are Like Food, Enjoy Each One Of Them."

Sneha Mehta is the author of the hugely popular books, 21 Things Every Girl Should Know and Change Your Life.

Majors in psychology, she teaches a very simple and effective healing therapy called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), all across the country.

As a life coach, Sneha’s unique diagnostic abilities have helped many people in their dwindling careers, fears, health and relationships. Because of her deep knowledge of the mind body connection, Sneha is a highly sought after teacher, who helps put all the parts of the life puzzles in a simple and logical manner. She explains the link between the conscious and subconscious mind and how dreams can be manifested effortlessly.

Apart from being a keynote speaker on various issues, taking corporate sessions and self empowerment workshops, Sneha is also available for personal consultations. Visit to know more.
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Congratulations Sneha on the publication of ‘Change Your Life’. It was really insightful, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I, along with the readers, would surely like to know more about you and your books.
In case you find any question offensive, you can choose not to answer it. I apologize in advance for such instances.

Let’s start with how it all began. What really prompted you to take up the pen and write books?

Just to kill boredom. I do realize that not everyone who gets bored can come up with a book. But to me, it was the only thing I knew and I just did that. I was meant to do MBA but for some reason that didn't happen. I also have this urge to give and share. I guess, my books fulfill my giving needs. 

You started with a bang with “21 things Every Girl Should Know”, and followed it up with another delightful read “Change Your Life.” What types of books do you follow and love to read?

I can’t stand romantic fiction. I mean, there is more to life than just getting the love of your life.  For how long can you read ’my girlfriend is very pretty’ or ‘my boyfriend is very caring’. I read non fiction, mostly.  It’s informative and more need based. Guess, I have come out of the ‘time pass’ phase.  Religion, spirituality and biographies are something I duck myself in.

You met several inspirational people while writing ‘Change Your Life.’ How was the entire journey – right from the inception of the idea for this book till the time it was published?

Super fun! I had all my dreams fulfilled. The tarot card reader, Bindu Maira that I covered told me of my past (in details) and the astrologer Bejan daruwalla told me that I am about to shift in my new house, when we are ACTUALLY shifting.  I cried like a baby during the past life regression and had all my myths busted about God and religion while doing the Brahma Kumaris Course. One thing that I still laugh by is how confidently people asked me to cover Nirmal Baba and Aasaraam Bapu.  Thanks God, I went by my intuition and a rational mind.

You are also a therapist healing people using Emotional Freedom Technique. Tell us something about it.

Yes, EFT is an energy healing technique that cures pains and migraines within minutes, quite often. Our body has certain energy points through which the life force (or prana shakti) flows. When there is a blockage in these energy points, we feel stressed and depressed. Through EFT, these energy points are tapped and brought in balance while thinking about a problem that is bothering a person.  Properly done, EFT balances the disturbances in the energy system and thus reduces the emotional and physical pain, until it zeroes down. It’s a very simple technique that can be learned even by children. Best part is, it’s quick, gentle, super effective and thoroughly safe. When the energy system of the body gets blocked, we start feeling dull, dowdy, and depressed. In short, our tendency to feel bad increases. This is evident in the day to day life that we live in. For example, most people don't need to confront a catastrophic natural disaster—an earthquake, a volcano, or a tsunami—to feel bad. For some, even small triggers do the trick. There are people who can mourn for days if they are not being invited to a particular party. The good news is, with EFT, the energy blockages can be tapped and restructured. Many conditions that are otherwise termed ‘incurable’ by doctors have been permanently cured by EFT. Visit to know more.

Tell us about your childhood, and your family.

My father is into business and Mom is a housewife. I have a younger brother who is studying Applied Mathematics and we are based in Udaipur. I was super good at studies but soon understood the futility of formal education. I think I would have learned more if I had the guts to be a school dropout. Back then, I didn't even understand what I was going through. I chose Commerce while I should have opted for psychology. I don’t get shares, stocks and balance sheet. It’s boring!

Who is/are your role model(s)?

My mom remains my inspiration, no doubt!  I read books that have sold crore copies only to realize that they are not saying any different from what I hear at home, day in and day out. My family is 200% dependent on her and I can’t be at peace if I have had her upset on anything.

Message to aspiring writers: Just write. When I did my first book, I didn't even know how many words can make a book. I was just out of graduation and all I knew was that I want to do a book. The message is simple – hang in there. Write to published authors and well read people. Seek their opinion. Don’t stick to ego, have an open mind and try to figure out if others are right. One problem that I often notice is that most newbie authors concentrate too much on vocab and grammar. Of course, basic grammar needs to be correct but you need to concentrate more on the content. Content is king. Does what you are writing has a market? Can your concept create a whole new market? Understand that a publishing house is a business at the end of the day, it may be an intellectual business but it’s still a business. They vouch for concepts that can sell and they have highly skilled editors who can easily correct your grammar. My own books have seen more red by editors than any of my course books in school and mind you, I was amongst the toppers. The first book always takes time. Give it the time it deserves because after that you will be so deft in writing that you’ll never get to live that confusion and learning period ever again.

If you are told to write a sequel to ‘Change Your Life’, which other eminent personalities would you like to meet?

Umm..not really sure on this. I have not just covered the personalities but their healing therapies too and those that matter have already been covered. But I might do an interview thing with other spiritual personalities. Deepak chopra, mata Amritananmayi and Jaggi Guru Vasudev are a few people I would like to feature.  If I do something of this sort, ever again, I would also like to bridge the gap between realism and magic. For example, I have always heard of people who can bend a spoon just with the intention. Would like to meet people of this category.

What do you do when you are not writing or working? How do you unwind yourself?

I call random people (uncles and aunties) and tell them that I want to marry their son. I also love to dance so I sometimes just close the room and start dancing.  And when my brother is around, I have no idea how time passes. We spend the whole day laughing, either at each other or collectively at others. 

When are we going to see a third book from you? What will it be about?

Whenever people ask me the same I tell them I am a human and it takes time to write since my books are highly researched ones. Writing romantic fiction is easy that way. You can make your characters do what YOU want. I am not sure whether I can do a fiction again. I tried but it just doesn't get any hold of me.  And nonfiction, nonfiction takes time. Not as easy as laying eggs! I am not sure whether I’ll do a book in immediate future. At the present moment, I feel too empty to plunge on anything. I have recently started taking Emotional Freedom Technique workshops for colleges, corporate and clubs and would love to continue doing so. I think it’s my time to meet the world and come out of the cocooned life that I have been living for quite some time. 

Finally, what would be your message to the readers?

Books are like food, enjoy each one of them. Relish every taste. Don’t confine yourself to a niche. Open yourself to all kinds of books – romantic, nonfiction, spirituality, religion, erotic. If you read about sex, try to understand spirituality as well. If you read about spirituality, read about sex as well. The world is interrelated after all. 

Thanks a lot Sneha for your time. Wishing you the best for the present and future.

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