Thursday, October 03, 2013

The Road To The Clouds

Today we tread along
The road to the clouds
That speak of rain, and
Joyous bliss, encased in
Honey droplets, that kiss
Our lips, caress our tongues

A nest I would make
From twigs that grow
On the pathway green
Now dark with thunder
Oh, where are the lights?

The barren trees
Witness the change
Silently, mute.

A naive slave
I am tonight
commanded by your passion
I rise and fall

And with each passing breath
That road to the clouds
Take me home

This Poem is shared with The Mag - Mag 88.


  1. A lovely poem, Amrit. I especially like "today we tread along the road to the clouds", it's beautiful imagery.

  2. A beautiful from me too.
    Anna :o]

  3. Beautiful poem, Mr G ... I'm more than a naïve slave tonight ... just want to sleep and sleep and sleep ... but wouldn't mind to be woken up by kisses ...

    1. I bet that would be just perfect :-)

  4. Hopes and dreams woven so beautifully Amrit:) I lost myself in the clouds for a while...Beautifully penned!!

  5. "A nest I would make
    From twigs that grow"...

    such hope, and then you mention "change"... sounds like somone's dreams do not come true - which ties in with the bleakness of this image!

  6. loved the title and as usual beautifully written :)

  7. Amrit , this is such a sweet poem. Loved reading it.

  8. I read it out loud. That's how spell-casting it is :)