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Spying In High Heels - Review

High Crime meets High Fashion+J52
L. A. Shoe Designer, Maddie Springer, lives her life by three rules: Fashion. Fashion. Fashion.
But when she stumbles upon the work of a brutal killer, her life takes an unexpected turn from Manolos to murder. And things only get worse when her boyfriend disappears along with $20 million in embezzled funds and her every move is suddenly under scrutiny by the LAPDs sexiest cop. 
With the help of her post menopausal bridezilla of a mother, a 300 pound psychic and one seriously oversexed best friend, Maddie finds herself stepping out of her stilettos and onto the trail of a murderer. But can she catch a killer before the killer catches up to her.

About the Author
Gemma Halliday, author of the High Heels Mysteries, has received numerous awards, including a Golden Heart, a National Readers Choice award and three RITA nominations, as well as hitting both the New York Times and the USA Today bestseller list. She currently lives in San Francisco Bay Area where she is hard at work on several new projects including more books in the Maddie Springer Stories.

What made me pick up this book?

First of all, the title – “Spying in High Heels” – sounds cool and different, like a female version of James Bond, spying and hunting down criminals, Charlie’s Angels type. Secondly, the tagline resonates of a promising plot “High Crime meets High Fashion”, something that reminded me of Sidney Sheldon books (I so loved them). Finally, the genre did it for me – Mystery Fictions, how I love reading them!

And am so glad I decided to give it a read.

‘cause it was the very first line that mesmerized me, and glued me to the pages. “I am late” – yes, that’s how the first chapter opens, and before you think that the protagonist is probably late for some party or an invitation, comes the subsequent lines. She is late late, and so she, Maddie Springer, believes that she must be pregnant with her boyfriend’s Richard’s child.

Not something too worrying if the child belongs to the man you love, right? But what if the same man suddenly disappears one fine day, leaving no traces behind, wouldn't that be unnerving? You bet? Well, I agree, but not as scary as you knowing that your boyfriend, the father of your would-be-child (if in fact the late late was really a result of pregnancy) is running away from law, and is a prime suspect of two cold blooded murders.

Now, this certainly makes it one hell of a fascinating read. Maddie is a shoe designer (for kids) and is crazy about fashion. However, life takes a complete flip when the above happens to her, and she, stuck between loyalty towards her boyfriend, Richard, and the doubt that keeps creeping in her mind regarding his dishonesty, knows not what to do. However, she puts up a brave front, and with the help of Ramirez (read: LAPD’s sexiest cop), she decides to find out the truth. What happens next is an exciting joy ride of deception, infidelity, deceit … and finally the much awaited revelation.

The author, Gemma Halliday, does a great job in bringing about the twists whenever you think that you have nailed the killer. No buddy, you don’t get it so easy, and the sharp pace of the book ensures that you don’t give it up either. Such is the beauty of her storytelling that even with several subplots, you don’t find the flow slacking. You are always there, attached to the words, quickly gobbling through the chapters and solving the whodunit.

Ask me what I loved the most about this book, and I would reply – “Dialogues.” Yes, they are as crisp and witty as it can get, specially the conversations that happen between Maddie and Ramirez. The high intensity of passion notwithstanding, Maddie tries her best to be cold to the prying detective, and fails time and again. That’s what makes it sweet, and spicy.

The other characters complete the story – Dana, Maddie’s best friend, Maddie’s Mom who is all set to get married, Mrs. Rosenblatt, the No – Neck guy, and Sasha. They all add the fun quotient to the book, and that’s why you do not miss the main action when the subplots comprising these characters come up. You will love each and every word of this book, trust me.

If you are a fashion lover, or a mystery lover, or even if you are none of these, do pick up this copy. You wouldn't really mind being a spy in high heels with Maddie and Ramirez.

Title: Spying In High Heels
Author: Gemma Halliday
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Publication Year: 2013
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Genre: Fiction, Mystery
No. of Pages: 260
Price: ₹ 299
My Rating: 4/5

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