Friday, December 06, 2013

Ambi Pur - Five Ways In Which You Changed My Life ! Phew !!!

1) Is this my home, or a lounge

"Wow buddy, I love this place."
"Come let's have a round of drinks before we head for dinner."
"Office was so stressful. Thankfully we have this place to chill."
"Let's watch a movie. It's just 1am dude."

Damn it! It's my home after all, no freaking night club or lounge, but then friends never listen. Trust me, N-E-V-E-R. And why would they? Had I been in their place, I too would have done the same.

Who wants to leave the cozy ambiance of a house freshened with Ambi Pur Air Effects. It's soothing. But...

"Why don't you guys too buy it and use it in your home?"

"We will yaar, we will."

2) My Wife With A Knife

"Who the hell are they?"

"They are my friends, dear."

"Ahaa, girlfriends you mean." And she jumped at me, and I raced out of the window. (Thankfully, my flat was in the ground floor).

All you married folks, this is bound to happen with you too, when your female colleagues wouldn't like to leave your place even after twelve. (How I wished to be a bachelor now)

Even if they are married, they wouldn't budge. You either need to call the police, or the ambulance.

Better have an ambulance ready. You can never trust your wife with the knife.

3) To And Fro Driver

My wife goes back to her parents' home, exasperated by the above two factors, and the bachelor dreams come rushing back into my mind. Plans are made, and deals are struck. And then ...

She calls me, "Pick me up from the station."

I start the car engine, and drive. She, like any normal person, couldn't stay away from the beautiful aroma that Ambi Pur gifts to my home, but how does it help me?

It hones my driving skill, let's be optimistic under all situations.

So, I am now a to-and-fro driver, but, I do not get paid for this service.

4) Promotion, but ...

Finally, a good news.

"Man! You are promoted," my boss beams, and my eyes gleam.

"Thank You Sir. Thanks a lot."

"You deserve it man. We really appreciate your work (and the refreshing fragrance in your house), and whatever you do for this organization (read all the points above)."

I nod silently, too eager to call up my wife and give her this great news.

"So, a party this weekend at your home, ok?" and the bomb lands on my head

I decide not to call my wife. Time to be a driver again.

5) Meditation and Moksha

To rule away my worries, I walk towards the Himalayas, meditating and thinking of the beauties of life. My wife is back to her parent's house, and I know, for sure, have to pick her up again.

But my cell phone is at home. Wicked me.

I move into my makeshift hut, in the heart of the mountains, close the door, and take out the bottle of Ambi Pur from my bag.

The nectar is sprayed all around, and I sit down on the mattress, my eyes closed.

Sheer bliss I experience. Is this Nirvana?

A couple of days later, I return home, and the cycle continues.

Cycle of Life - This is it.


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  1. Interesting post. i liked My Wife with a knife wala very much. You could consider writing about a cruel wife very often, you are quite good at it i believe :p

  2. Funny You :D ... nice write up :)

  3. Hahaha. Reading this was absolute fun.
    You are awesomely witty! :D

  4. I hope that you win the contest. All the best.
    And I also hope that your wife doesn't jump on you again after reading this. Believe me! girls don't take sarcasm on themselves that easily and women are worse. So a bigger all the best for that.
    It was fun reading your reasons. :)

    1. Thanks Namrata ... I will keep this in mind when I get married :-P

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