Saturday, September 14, 2013

Shopping 2030

So I read H. G. Wells and thought, why not turn the idea into reality. ‘The Time Machine’ placed safely on my shelf, I leaped out of my bed in search of the ingredients needed to make the machine that would make Time Travel a reality.

I searched into Google, but apart from some heavy technical documents filled with numerical formula and innumerable theories, I couldn't find anything worthwhile. Like a desperate guy in search of a bride, I kept on going through the search results, until my eyes glittered with joy.

“Joy Roy is supposedly believed to have invented the Joy Ride that takes you on an exciting journey to your past, and future,” – I clicked on the hyperlink, and the main website opened.

“Hey Joy, Mr. Roy, Let’s Talk and don’t be shy, ‘cause I would need your time toy; just to execute my superb ploy,” – I dialed his number that was listed on the site.

“I know you not, neither are you a lady hot, why should I be interested? Just get lost, ‘m frustrated,” – his tone was harsh.

And that was when I realized, money can soften even the harshest of voices.

“Oh no no no my friend. Depression is no longer the trend. Take some cash, celebrate the bash, but do not make decisions rash. The machine I would need, for a couple of hours, and return it to you safely indeed.”

So the deal was settled. I borrowed the Time Machine and came straight to my room. I logged into Indiblogger and re-read the contest rules. Once I was ready, I sat on the driver’s seat of the machine, took a deep breath, and keyed in 2030 in the glowing metal year indicator. With lot of apprehension, I pressed the Start button.

The machine reverberated with a loud hum, a whitish smoke enveloped me, and in an instant, the machine turned mute. Slowly, the smoke disappeared, and here I was, still stranded in my room.

“What the hell? I am still here, at the same place,” I shouted. I picked up my cell phone and dialed Joy Roy’s number, but there was no response. To calm my agitated state of mind, I started my PC to log into Facebook.

And then I saw. The clock at the bottom right corner of my PC was showing the date as 14th September 2030.

Wow, this was unbelievable. I quickly logged into a famous shopping site, and God, wasn't I enamored!  The interface looked completely out of this world, the layout, the icons, everything. I explored the pages more and realized how much shopping had changed.

I took out my pen and writing pad and jotted down the points related to the new features.

Live Scanning
Switch on your webcam and you are good to go. The Shopping 2030 Live Scan portal automatically scans through the nooks and corners of your room and identifies the missing links. For example, if you have an electric guitar without an amplifier, the portal would immediately recommend you to buy one and show you the latest products on offer.

Try and Buy
When we go to a real shop, we often try out several stuffs before finally zeroing on one. Yeah, Shopping 2030 provides the real time experience in a virtual environment. I was going through a collection of Jackets when I was surprised to find the Try and Buy option. I clicked on it, and a 3D image emanated from the computer screen, resembling the jacket I was checking out. I stood up, went towards the reflection, and tried to fit myself in it. Yes, it was perfect.

Voice Interactivity
Sometimes we are not sure of what we really need. We intend to buy something, but then finally purchase a completely different product. This is where Voice Interactivity comes into play. You can directly communicate with the online store (not a representative, but the actual store), and voice out your needs and concerns. The solution will be right on your screen in a jiffy.

Easy Delivery
You do not need to wait for days to receive your product. Shopping 2030 is stocked well in advance, which means the products get delivered within a few hours. The high speed bullet trains that run all across the country now ensure that shipping to different cities do not take much time. Isn't that exciting?

A Shopping Guardian
At times we buy stuffs in abundance that are not actually a necessity. This leads to futile expenditure. What the 2030 Shopping does is, it serves as a shopping guardian. Based on your past shopping records, and your other personal details that have been gathered through the Government database, Shopping Guardian guides you in making your choices. When it notices you buying something that’s not really needed, a message is sent to you clearly explaining the reasons why you do not need that product.

This truly was a mind boggling experience. With the points noted, I raced back to my home, back in 2013.

Just 17 more years to go … I am waiting. Aren't you?

This is my official entry to "The Future Of Shopping" contest organized by Indiblogger in association with eBay Check.

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  1. Really some extra-ordinary anticipation :)

  2. I just read your post and that's when I realised the Time difference between 2013 and 2030 is just* 17 years! Everybody quoting so many unbielvable things going to change in eshopping in just 17 years lol :D

  3. The way changes in every sphere are coming so rapidly, it is not a distant reality to see changes in shopping patterns.

  4. If that happens...I will need to go to rehabilitation centre or you would find me in one of those shopaholic groups saying, "I am one month sober, I have not bought anything this month"..:))
    Hats off to your imagination..:)