Friday, September 20, 2013

This Heart Serves A Purpose

this heart serves a purpose
to crack, to break
and to wound
naive soul
that knows not
to judge the inflicted pain
kneeling in miseries

this heart serves a purpose
to heal, to bless
and to cure
split arteries of pleasure

this heart serves a purpose
to live
to die
to smile
and to cry

this heart serves a purpose
and so do
you and I

This Poem is shared with Sunday Scribblings - Purpose.


  1. This is beautifully expressed!

  2. Amrit this was AMAZING! The many roles that a heart plays. And the way you wrote that last stanza was amazing.

  3. A wonderful poem, Amrit. All really do have purpose....and when there is love involved, that purpose can be far-reaching!!

  4. Greetings from my heart to yours, always, cat :)

  5. We ascribe such feelings to the pump in our chests but I still have a mind to think they come from elsewhere. It is just that it does vent it's feelings with its beat.

  6. Oh Wow.. shades of our heart.. lovely :)

  7. Oh that first stanza is good – what human has not experienced the pain of inflicting pain?! Even the healing is hard, the dying even harder, but in the meantime, the living, the purpose – very nice : )

  8. So many things we do and never ever realise the purpose but you have very well depicted the real purpose...