Sunday, June 23, 2013

Vision Of The Redeemers

Corruption, with a capital C, is rampant in our country. Scams are on the rise and all possible attempts to stop these malpractices have been rendered futile, either due to lack of a common direction, or the scarcity of motivation to follow strict principles and moral values. Corruption has been deeply ingrained in our society, and whether we agree or not, we all are a part of this evil, in one way or the other.

‘The Redeemers’ is a story of four individuals, Vikram, Yuvika, Manisha and Akshay, who are close friends. Their fathers had been the best of friends, and this bond was imbibed seamlessly among their kids. They come together on a vacation to spend time and enjoy with each other, and that proved to be the turning points in their lives. They confront situations that question the moral integrity of the county, and its people, and they, referred to as G4 or Gang of Four, resolve to take matters in their hand. However, they do so in a methodical way without resorting to any display of violence.

G4 carves out a plan to rid the country of corruption, and immediately starts working towards achievement of its objectives. Their young ages do not deter their confidence, and as they gradually taste success in their endeavors, their self believes rise. They march ahead with determination, convincing youngsters and the adults of the country to free themselves of corruption and lead a life of truth and honesty. They highlight the benefits of leading life in a true manner and urge people to let go of their greed and unnecessary hunger.

Suresh Taneja, the author, is a Chartered Accountant by profession. He is looking after the financial affairs of a listed company. He writes regularly on a variety of issues, which are generally influenced by real life events. However, he is also keen to experiment with different genres and aspires to make full use of his storytelling abilities. Suresh wishes that this book is read by maximum number of youths and adults in this country, so that they can assess the gravity of the situation and play a constructive part in evolving the system and rescuing it from decay.

The plot is constructed in a beautiful way and as you turn over the pages, your conscience grows along with those of the characters in the book. You too start to identify the corruption that’s prevalent all around you, and take a firm resolve to do something about it. However, though presented beautifully, the story doesn't really outline the serious challenges faced by the protagonists. True, there have been references to a few people who were not pleased with the movement, and thus had tried to belittle the intentions of the G4 team. However, their change of hearts came rather soon, which I would term as more of an idealistic case than a real life example. However, this again is solely my personal view, and things can be quite different in real life. We do not know yet, and thus can not comment judicially, on what would happen in future if such an event actually takes place.

‘The Redeemers’ is an attempt by Suresh Taneja to probe the issues that give rise to corruption. Not only that, this book also provides some feasible solutions, which if properly contemplated upon, do have the potential to provide desirable results. Yes, by solutions I mean real solutions that can effectively be put into practice. As wisely mentioned in the book, corruption is a double edged sword; it might be beneficial for us today, but can eventually turn against us in future.

I loved the author’s visualization of India two decades from now, and would love to see that happening in real. However, for that, combined action from all of us is needed. Shun all evil and corrupt practices, and embrace the path of truth, honesty and integrity. Trust me, the country, and we the people, would live in greater happiness and peace if we can get discard our dishonesty.

Suresh provides us the vision. It’s time for us to turn that into reality.

Title: The Redeemers
Author: Suresh Taneja
Publisher: Frog Books
Publication Year: 2013
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Number of Pages: 229
My Rating: 3/5

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  1. Corruption in peace times (or war times) like this is a sad reality ... people seem never happy ... no matter what times they live in ... destroying is always quicker than building ... let's build ... one house at a time :)

    1. ... let's build a house by the sea ... and hide in there ... let's cuddle :)

    2. Corruption sure has to end, and we all should live in peace and harmony :-)

  2. Well corruption has given us food for thought and penning...nice review. I hope the book does not veer towards didactics. At first I thought it was non-fiction

  3. Corruption is rampant over here as well. I believe it likely is in most places. Luckily there are always people who want to do good :)

    1. Perhaps we can all come together and get rid of this corruption :-)