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Come Out Of The Shell, Take Risks, Have A Dream, Have Faith

Sanket Ghag, born Piscean, is a happy-go-lucky guy since his childhood who never bothered about what lay ahead in the future; he lives in the own dream world. Studies being his last priority, he is a drop-out by choice in his last year of graduation from Bhavans College as he wanted to chase his film dreams. But on the persistent pressure from parents he studied Interior Design at Rachana Sansad and worked as an Interior Designer for 4 years. Since his heart was always in films, one morning he resigned his well- paying secure job as Senior Interior Designer and joined L S Raheja Film and Television to chase his dream and is now working in the Hindi Film Industry as an Assistant Art Director. Sanket loves writing and photography and wants to be a filmmaker.

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Congratulations Sanket on your debut novel ‘Chameleons’. It was a pleasure reading and reviewing it. Now, it’s time to more know about you, and your story.

In case you find any question offensive, you can skip it. I apologize in advance for such instances.

Let’s start with the basic question first. Tell us more about yourself than what is already mentioned in the ‘About The Author’ section of the book.

Ahh the basic question turns out to be the most difficult as I too know very little about myself. But if I need to tell more about myself, I have an imaginary friend whom I talk to most of the time, he guides me through good and bad times. His name is Sunny and he says “Hi” to everyone, I am a die hard believer of Love and Karma, And to confess I m a Dada’s boy. I love watching films so much that nowadays I cannot sleep without watching a film every night, I spend half of my salary watching films in theaters and to sum it up I am a ‘Filmykeeda.’

Interior Designing to novel to movies – how has been the journey like?

The journey has been a bumpy hell ride and still is. It wasn't easy for me to give up my secured job to chase a dream which looked like an oasis to everyone. But one has to take that leap of faith into the air to catch your dream, the landing depends on how strong your faith; if strong enough you land safe if not you break a heart. For me I have been lucky, I landed safe. But still a long distance is yet to be traveled and I’m enjoying each and every moment of this bumpy journey.

Writing novels or making movies, what appeals to you most?

This is a tough question, real tough question. If someone would have asked me this question before my book got published I would have definitely said “Making movies” but now after getting positive review about my debut novel “Chameleons” I m really in a dilemma . So I would say both. Writing and Filmmaking both give me satisfaction.

Who are your role models?

In writing I would say Mr . J. D. Salinger. I m amazed with his novel “The Catcher in the Rye.” In Films I follow Mr Billy Wilder of the past era. He has given some iconic films like “Double Indemnity,” “Apartment,” etc; Mr Christopher Nolan  for “Memento” and Mr Steven Spielberg from the current time and in life my biggest role model is my father Mr Sadashiv Ghag . He taught me the most important lesson of my life “Believe in you dreams.”

What are your hobbies? Tell us about them.

I love traveling without reservation, I love Street photography, Watching films and chatting on whatsapp, bbm and Facebook.

How did you come up with the plot and story-line of ‘Chameleons’? How much of ‘Chameleons’ is based on your real life experiences?

To be frank I was going through a rough patch in my life, when one of my close friends suggested me to write whatever turmoil that was going inside me. She said that it would help me keep calm. So this was supposed to be my diary of frustration, but when another friend of mine read the diary he thought I was writing a novel. He loved it so much and was telling how easily he could visualize all the events, which gave me an idea to convert this diary into a novel. I started getting ideas to make it more interesting and here today you are reading a novel. I can’t claim the whole book to be a work of fiction or totally my life story but yes there are incidents which I have taken from my life and converted into some chapters of this book. I would say the germ of the story is from my real life experiences but then I have added some spicy fiction to make it readable. Not everyone has drama in life; one has to create it and I created mine.

If you are given a chance to change something about the book, what would it be?

I m open to changes, I love and respect my readers a lot and I have got few suggestions from them regarding some repetitive chapters (Which was deliberately written because I thought it was important for the story’s progression). I would definitely work on them and to mention it would be the shower sequence where the Protagonist goes under a deep trance, everything else I’ll like to keep it as it is.

Are you currently working on your next novel? If yes, what would be it based upon?

Yes I m currently working on two novels First is a Story of three friend whose adventure picnic becomes nightmare. It’s a comedy of errors, little bit of drama and action. Second is a story of a father and son. It’s an out and out book of family value and relationship.

What is your message to your readers?

This is not my message but from my imaginary friend Sunny who always encourages me, so I will just be the messenger. Here is what he says, “Come out of the shell , take risk , trying something new , Have a dream , have faith in it , take that leap of faith and I m sure you will land safe. A man/woman without a dream is like a body without a soul. Live your live your own way.” And this message is from me, “Last but not the least don’t forget to read my book CHAMELEONS.”

What would you like to say to all the aspiring writers out there?

There are stories and inspiration everywhere- at home, your society , while traveling in train, bus , auto rickshaw everywhere . Keep yourself open to the universe you will find you story and when you find it ink it down.

Thanks a lot for your time. I hope you enjoyed the interview as much as I did. All the best for your current and future goals.

I would rather thank you for such wonderful questions and yes I truly enjoyed this interview a lot. It was like nostalgia while answering a few questions. All the best to you too.


  1. Wow!!
    It was an interesting read!! :D

    Emerald,your questions were Awesome!!
    and along with that Sanket's hopeful and uplifting replies! :)

    Today's read made my day! :D
    Thanks for sharing..

    My best wishes to both of you..

  2. A superb interview! Sanket u've already come a long way from the times I knew u. And this interview just speaks for it. Best of luck!