Saturday, June 01, 2013

Warning Signs

Warning signs - we know them and we ignore them. Perhaps, that's the general tendency of most people. We wait for the symptoms to take shape before working on the solution. 'Prevention is better than cure' - they say, but then again, who listens?

We see warning signs all around us, both within our bodies and outside, encompassing the environment where we dwell. Why not, then, categorize them, to have a clearer understanding of the problems surrounding us?


  1. Intrinsic Warning Signs
  2. Extrinsic Warning Signs
  3. Societal Warning Signs
  4. Environmental Warning Signs

Intrinsic Warning Signs
  • Symptoms generating within our bodies.
  • Makes us weak physically, and sometimes mentally.
  • Signifies impending sickness or decay of one or more body parts.
  • Examples: toothache, blood on gum, vomiting, headache, muscle pain, etc.

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Extrinsic Warning Signs
  • Symptoms formed outside our bodies.
  • They may appear harmless initially.
  • These grow with time, gradually weakening the person's immunity.
  • Examples: lump, tumor, unattended wounds.

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Societal Warning Signs
  • Needed for smooth running of society.
  • Based on strict rules and regulations.
  • Implies general precautions while interacting with our surroundings.
  • Examples: Road signs, traffic signs, signs outside places such as schools, hospitals, etc.
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Environmental Warning Signs
  • Signifies impact of human activities on environment.
  • Correlation between man and nature.
  • Impacts on a larger scale.
  • Examples: fluctuations in weather, extremities in climate, uneven rain, increase in water level, etc.

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Warning signs ignored today can lead to greater distress tomorrow. Let us see how.

Intrinsic Warning Signs

  1. Eye, nose or teeth problem.
  2. Numerous types of  ailments.
  3. Diseases in different regions of the body.
  4. Mild or severe fever.

Extrinsic Warning Signs

  1. Disease spreading at the wounded area.
  2. Lump can grow to tumor leading to cancer and other serious sickness.
  3. Infections due to infestation of germs.
  4. Weakening of body.

Societal Warning Signs

  1. Accidents.
  2. Injuries due to carelessness.
  3. A cause of disturbance to people.
  4. Chaos and confusion in the society.

Environmental Warning Signs

  1. Depletion of ozone layer.
  2. Scarcity of natural resources owing to misuse.
  3. Questions survival of humanity.
  4. Natural hazards like flood, drought, etc.


A small effort would do us no harm. On the contrary, it would help us in identifying the signs and work towards curing the possible sickness or problem threatens to reduce our pace. Isn't it wise to get on with the job of keeping ourselves, and the world around us, safe and peaceful? We might not feel the consequences today, but if we keep on ignoring the warning signs, who knows, the future might not be as bright as we dream of.

Signs - not to be ignored,
Live life, a lot yet to be explored,
Be careful, and preserve what you get,
Don't wait for tomorrow, it might just be too late.

This is my official entry to "The Moral Of The Story Is" contest organized by Indiblogger in association with Colgate-My Healthy Speak Blog.


  1. I'm afraid, I'm still in the "ignoring stage", as I surely would fall apart tomorrow if I was to face my demons ... but that's okay ... it's all good ... it's all good ... mmmh.

    1. We learn from mistakes after all :D

  2. This is spot on. It's unfortunate that we are often encouraged to ignore warning signs and get on with things, when sometimes we really should stop and take notice.
    I've got a little award for you over at my blog if you'd like to accept it. :-)
    Just Ermie

  3. Lovely classification GS!! and loved the message in the ending poem! It's difficult to repair after lot of damage is done!

  4. That was such an informative post ! For elder we have a responsibility too, to make them aware if we come across such warnings in them, thanks a lot for writing such a detailed analysis of something that is often neglected but may prove fatal if delayed. Thanks buddy !

  5. Your post conveys a much needed warning in the form of a wonderful message GS. Health is a gift that we should treasure and safeguard for our own good...