Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Secret Meeting

in the old barn
behind the straw bales
a secret meeting

passionate playful delights
let there be no sun tonight

A Tan Renga is a form of poetry comprising of two verses, each written by different poets. The first one follows the 5-7-5 syllable count format while the second follows the 7-7 format. To know more about this form, click here.

Here, the first three lines are written by Kristjaan, while the last two lines have been penned down my me.

This post is shared with Tan Renga Challenge # 2 - 'A Secret Meeting'.


  1. HaHa, I think many of us have had fun in barnes ;)

    Secret Meeting

  2. Very well done Amrit ... we all have done that once in our lives.

  3. I was reading up the link about Tan Renga. I think spontaneity is the key word in this form; a simultaneous urge between two poets which makes up for the connect. You've again excelled in putting forth vibrant imagery. And also congratulations to your co-poet for giving you such a romantic cue.