Saturday, March 23, 2013

Akash, Sapna and Dove

Dove Split End Rescue Shampoo doesn't just create magical strong braids, it also creates love. You do not believe me, right? Read on. This is the story of Akash, Sapna, Love and Dove :-)

Akash knew that today was the day when he had to spill his heart out to Sapna, confess his love, and then, if things looked good, propose her with the gold ring that he now held in his hand, admiring its soft glistening glow in front of the mirror, the letters A and S clearly marked at the top of the ring.

Yes, Akash and Sapna, together they would be, forever.

They had decided to meet at the Juhu beach at 5 in the evening. The weather was cool and bright, and perfect for a romantic date. 

Akash and Sapna had been friends for five years now. They met in college, fought and then became close buddies. They shared their lunch, snacks, assignments, and now, Akash even shared his heart with her. However, he was still not sure whether she too felt the same way.

He wished himself the best of luck and quickly headed towards the beach. Sapna would be waiting for him there. 

Akash reached the destination within a few minutes. Thankfully, the traffic condition was better than most days, and there wasn't any unnecessary delay on the way. He spotted Sapna sitting at a vacant spot facing the sea. Akash ran and sat beside her.

"Hi Sapna," Akash smiled.

To his utter surprise, Sapna turned towards him with red eyes, tears silently streaming down her fair cheeks.

"What happened Sapna? You don't seem to be fine," Akash asked, eager to know the reason of her sadness.

"Just leave me alone Akash. Please go away," Sapna said with muffled voice and hid her face in her palms.

Akash knew he couldn't leave her alone in this condition. He urged her to speak up, "We share everything Sapna. Can't you share this with me?"

Sapna stopped crying and looked at him. For a moment he sensed love in her eyes. He remained transfixed in its depth, until she started speaking.

"You know Akash, when I was small, Mom used to braid my hair beautifully. I had long beautiful hair, shiny and strong. I was the cynosure of all eyes in school and college only because of this reason. I won numerous awards and contests owing to my long hair, but now ..." her voice broke again.

Akash had a bottle of water with him, and he handed it over to her. However, she refused to drink, and continued speaking.

"Yesterday, some relatives visited my place. They were from my mother's family, and have always loved me. However, when they noticed my hair, they said I should go ahead and cut it. They said I have lost the charm in my lengthy curls," she started sobbing again. I waited patiently and she continued after a few minutes, "I noticed that my hair is no longer as strong and beautiful as it used to be. Split ends have appeared, and the shine has faded. I have often felt these, but have been ignoring them till now. I can't take it anymore Akash."

He sat there quietly. There wasn't anything he could do, apart from giving her company. The ring in his pocket rested noiselessly, realizing this was not the day for it to perform.

Akash held her hands softly, and tried his best to convince her, "Don't cry Sapna. Lambe lambe baalo mein aise chhoti chhoti problems hoti rehti hai (Small problems appear in long hair)."

"You won't understand Akash. Tum nahi samjhoge," was her reply, and he suddenly felt helpless.

Akash accompanied her to her home, and then walked along, not in the direction of his house, but rather to a place he never visited before.

After walking for five minutes, he reached a temple of Goddess Durga. As he walked up the steps, speedy winds started blowing from all directions, rustling against the temple bells that hung from the ceiling. The bells started ringing all at once. There was no one else in the temple, and Akash walked carelessly towards the idol.

"Aaj, khush to bahut hoge tum (Today you must be very happy). The man who never walked up your stairs before, the man who never bowed in front of you, the man who never stretched his arms to you asking for your mercy, is now left stranded in your abode owing to his love.

"Yes, I love her, and it's my duty to see her happy. But how can I see her happy when she is so depressed with her hair problem? People say you are kind. Where is that kindness God? Where?

"I have heard you own special powers. Don't you think you can use just a little bit of that power to make a girl smile? Can't you see my love happy? Why did you do this to her God? WHY? WHY? WHY?"

The wind started blowing faster, and Akash found it difficult to stay rooted at one spot. He held a pillar tightly for support, when suddenly in front of his eyes, there was a big flash of light. As the light faded, Akash found a young man standing in-front of him.

"Who are you?" the sudden appearance of the man was surprising, and Akash held on to the pillar tighter.

"Don't worry son. I am a messenger of God, and have come here to solve your problem," the mystery figure introduced himself, and then held out his hand skywards. Quite magically, a white bottle appeared in his palm.

The mystery figure handed over the bottle to Akash, and said "Take this son, and give it to her. This is Dove Split End RescueShampoo. The Dove Split End Rescue Shampoo is a part of the Dove Damage Solutions range, specially formulated to help bring split-ends together. It has fiber actives that work on the deepest level of hair, to give up to 4x lesser split-ends. Tell her to apply it to wet hair, lather and rinse. Her problem will get solved in a jiffy."

Akash was too stunned with the sudden change of events. However, he had the presence of mind to ask him an important question, "Do you think she will love me when her problem gets solved?"

The Messenger smiled, and whispered in his ears, "Follow my advice and you will not fail. Go home. Take the ring and ….."

The advice sounded great and Akash turned to thank the Messenger. However, to his utter surprise, there was no one there. The wind had stopped blowing loudly, the temple bells were no longer ringing, and devotees were silently sitting in front of the idol. "Was this all a dream?" Akash thought, and then nodded his head on seeing the Shampoo bottle still in his hand. He quickly came down the temple stairs and caught a bus that would carry him back to his home.

The next day, he gave Sapna the bottle.

After some days ...

Akash received a call on his cell-phone. It was from Sapna.

"Hi Akash," her voice was gentle and soft.

"Hi Sapna. How are you now?" It felt great hearing her voice after 4-5 days. The Messenger had advised him to leave her alone for some days and he was obediently following the plan.

"I am fine Akash. Well, actually, I ... I want to tell you ... something," Sapna said, her voice reflecting a mix of nervousness and excitement.

"Yes, yes, go on Sapna," Akash was dying to hear what she had to say.

"Akash, I, umm, I ... Thank you. You really helped me with my problem. My hair is now back to its long lost strength. There are no split ends, and it’s shiny and strong as before. And you know what, my Mom braided my hair again today after so many years" she laughed like a child.

"You are welcome Sapna. I can never see you sad, you know that," Akash smiled back.

"And Akash, well, I ... I found the ring in the shampoo bottle. Akash, umm, well ... I love you too," she giggled and his heart fluttered.

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This is my official entry for the "Beautiful Ends to Your Beautiful Braids" contest organized by IndiBlogger in association with Dove.


  1. ha. i like the creative hiding of the ring...and cool story as well...hey if only advertising were done as creatively eh?

    1. Thanks Brian ... I am glad you lied the idea :-)

  2. This is just wonderful,,,so clever, thoughtful, and happy. I agree with Brian,,,advertising should be as creative as this. So well done,,,I enjoyed it completely,,,

    1. Thank You so much Ellecee for enjoying this :-)

  3. haha such a filmy post but really nice...:D
    keep writing...;)

  4. something new it buddy :)

  5. Nice and sweet story ~ Like the ending specially, the ads were not so blatant ~ Thanks ~

  6. awwww,
    such a cuteeuuu love shtory, only if real life was as happy as this one...:)
    ill vote.

  7. Awww, such a cute story sprinkled with generous dose of filmy ishtyle :-P
    Good luck for the contest GS!!

  8. funnily cute :)
    like the idea of ring in the shampoo bottle :)

    All the best

  9. This is a lovely story! usually i find it difficult to read stories when people try to express themselves in a way that they are not familiar with. but it was a smooth and engrossing read!

    so God is promoting Dove split hair rescue solution, eh? all the best for the contest!

  10. hahaha..... good one amrit ... liked the dialogue a lot "Lambe lambe baalo mein aise chhoti chhoti problems hoti rehti hai " .... used in a unique way ... kept the crisp storytelling of adv. media intact ... gr8 way

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