Monday, October 22, 2012

A New Order Of The Ages

Novus Ordo Seclorum
A New Order of the Ages
The Great Seal Mystified
By one Mr. Brown
Is this
A Call for Enlightenment
Guided by the rift
Between Angels and Demons
Annuit Coeptis
Magical Eye nods
The Illuminati smiles in disguise
Reveling in its secrecy
An identity covered by theories
The motto of Freemasonry
Debatable at times
Intriguing, always
Icebergs beneath the surface
Open to interpretations myriad
Choose the one that suits you
Imagination is not a sin
Neither a curse.

This Poem is shared with The Mag.


  1. "Imagination is not a sin." As is proven each week by the Magpie challenge. :-)

  2. I really like this. You have highlighted the way mysteries are hidden behind this symbol:)

  3. very interesting write..... great take...

  4. Excellently done. The intrigues behind the symbol.

  5. "Imagination is not a sin" - Ah! If only everyone would take that to heart!

  6. "The Illuminati smiles in disguise
    Reveling in its secrecy"--- wow! That sounds so cool. Brilliant!

  7. Love, love the connection to the Dan Brown books ...
    "Imagination is not a sin" ~ perfect!!

  8. Yes, imagination is not a sin! Thank goodness!

  9. Interesting that you threw in Dan Brown...well done...

  10. This is quite the fun image, isn't it? "Imagination is not a sin" is a GREAT line.

  11. Your words reminded me of "finnegans wake" , and robert anton wilsons " illuminatus" trilogy , indeed it seems, as science is discovering, that we are all enmeshed in a morphogenetic quantum field that responds to OUR. Observations, thanks Speck, im trippin !

  12. Certainly a brilliant response Green the thought provoking ideas in this!!