Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Locked Door

(Image Soures: http://www.stuff.co.nz)

The door of love
Now closed forever
The lock glints in joy
Mocking my misery
I peep through the key hole
Your memories dance within
In my arms, on my feet
As we rocked the moon
Once upon a time
That was a long way back
The door was open then
Now it has a "No Entry" sign
Hanging at the hinges
Designed by chains
I can break it open
But what good will it do
To smash my own heart to pieces.

This Poem is shared with Two Shoes Tuesday and the Prompt is Door.


  1. Awesome painting and here I'm not talking about that painting. Here I'm talking about the painting of words that you've painted...

  2. Ahh!! This is wonderful poetry!....Loved your expressions...I loved these lines the most!

    "I peep through the key hole
    Your memories dance within"

    "But what good will it do
    To smash my own heart to pieces."

    One of my favorites in your poetry :)

  3. Powerful especially the ending

  4. I loved the feel & the picture is so apt. I liked the sense of rhythm here, immensely heartfelt. Makes for a good smashing ;)

  5. Poem romantically beautiful and sad.

  6. Ahh.... once love dies... it's so hard to bring it back again. Sheesh, that is one well locked door!
    Lovely poem.

  7. Door of the heart, however badly battered and broken, willing to open itself to hope one more time. This was a powerful poem and an excellent use of the prompt! I'm happy to have you joining us at Two Shoes Tuesday!

  8. Very nicely done. *sigh*

  9. Yes, once it is lost there is no reason to force a way through. I really like the image of peeping through the heart and seeing a dance.

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment my way. :)

  10. you are a very good romantic poet.....sad shades here......

  11. Nice poem, G.S. Your picture was a perfect match.
    I once had a "No Entry" sign, 39 plus years ago.
    Mrs. Jim came along and 'picked the lock.'
    Welcome too Two Shoes. It is a fun little meme.
    Jim's Tuesday Two Shoes (link)

  12. Your words express your feeling well. Sometimes one has to respect those "No Entry" signs. Nothing good can come from trying to break such a sign down. If it is meant to be, the sign will eventually be taken down by the one who put it in place.